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Day 8: Adding Stress Management to My Plan

January 8, 2014


Thanks to Joan, my lovely strength training class instructor, I’m suddenly feeling motivated to make an extra effort at healthy life changes. She shared her “self-improvement” list with us & challenged us to come up with one of our own. I’ve got a lot of room for improvement. I gained a goodly amount of weight over the holidays (Thanksgiving thru New Year’s). My pants barely fit. I’ve also succumbed to a lot of stress, biting my nails down to the quick (especially disappointing to me, as I love nail polish). I just mentioned in my Day 7 post how not getting enough sleep affects me — yet I still insist on staying up late reading or watching TV online. I’m definitely in need of a daily checklist of self-improvement, so it’s in the works.

Meanwhile, I did my Janathon fitness today (which counts for Jantastic too): run-training on a treadmill at the gym. My recovery build-up continues, yay! I walked a 5 min. warm-up, then did alternating 2 min. walk/run intervals for 20 min., then walked another 5 min. as cooldown. Closed w/15 min. stretching & some ab exercises on the mat. Had planned to stay longer but I was out of gas (too close to dinner & I was starving). Oh well, good enough :-)

Note: I thought of Travelling Hopefully & Purl Gurl today. I was in a waiting room, feeling rather stressed as I fretted over some work I was doing on my laptop. Another woman came into the waiting room, sat down & took out some knitting. Whenever I glanced over at her, I could feel myself relaxing, even tho I was still working. Hm, I think I need to hire a woman to come sit in my office & just knit while I work :-)


Day 2: Kayak-yak-yakking

June 2, 2013

View of my friend’s lakehouse from her dock.

My Juneathon exercise du jour was all upper body workout. An hour of steady kayaking, to work the arms, shoulders & upper back. And 2 hours of yakking, for the neck, jaws & soul. I did this with a friend who has a lovely lake house only 20 min. away. Her husband was working today, while mine had gone hiking with a friend. Sunny & 90°F, a perfect summer Sunday for 2 pals to catch up over breakfast, then kayaking, followed by more chitty-chat while lounging in tubes on the water :-)

I also did 10 min. of boring but necessary rehab stretches for my hip flexor/quadricep injury. Did my icing & Ibuprofen also. And I set my new goals for Juneathon:

1.) Do a variety of rehab-approved exercise daily while I heal & hope to run again before the end of the month!

2.) Recommit to implementing a “training diet” of 1,450 cal/day from mostly fruits, veggies, lean protein & whole grains, to maximize my energy & minimize body fat. That starts tomorrow, since I just had a last-hurrah scoop of Rocky Road ice cream, HA!

3.) Focus on more yoga while I wait to run again. Stretching everything, not just my hip & quad, will be good for me, as will the stress-reduction benefit. In summer, I tend to let yoga slide in favor of more outdoor running, biking & hiking. While I recover, more yoga might help my patience with injury downtime.

4.) Aim for 7 to 8 hrs. of sleep per night (instead of 4 to 6). That should be particularly challenge, in the face of this month’s endless blog-writing & blog-reading!

If you were following me during Janathon, some of these items should look familiar from my 2013 New Year’s resolutions. Gosh, I hope this hip injury resolves quickly.

My friend's lakefront view.

My friend’s lakefront view, her dock & her kayaks (I used the red one).

Day 1: Revising Goals Already

June 1, 2013

Here I sit on Juneathon Day 1 @11:30pm, just now getting to my blogpost. Not a good sign, people. I did my exercise tho, @10am this morning: a 2.25mi. walk with a steady but limping gait. Even that was pushing it, as I was a little sore on my return.

After happily announcing this year’s 100 mi. running goal for June in mid-May, my ship sank a few days ago. Seems I tweaked my right leg after some enthusiastic plyometrics last Thursday & a 5 mi. run Friday. Four days of lame later, I called my doctor. Official diagnosis: a strained hip flexor w/likely pulled upper quad too. Nice.

PhoebeNestTreatment & recovery underway. Icing & 1800mg/day Ibupofen for the short term, mild to moderate stretching before & after any mild to moderate exercise, based on my improvement levels over time. I’m told to “proceed with caution.” Pooh, I’m not a patient person, but if I want to keep to my first half-marathon goal for September, I will have to sacrifice my 100-mi. Juneathon. The doctor said I still have plenty of time to recover & continue training for my half, so yay for that :-)

What’s most disappointing about having to scrap a 100-mi. Juneathon is that I spent Janathon 2013 in final recovery of a yearlong bout with plantar fasciitis & had amazing success! I got back to running 3X a week & continued to progress by committing to Marathon Talk’s Jantastic-Febulous-Marchvellous 3-month running challenge. By the end of March, I was up to 4 or 5 mi. long runs on top of a couple 5K runs per week. Life was grand.

But that was then & this is now. Since yesterday’s diagnosis, I’m mentally & physically adjusting. New goals for June TBA tomorrow, cuz I’ve had enough typing tonight. Here’s today’s photo: an Eastern Phoebe nest we found in our woodshed. It wasn’t there a week ago. I can reach the nest, but it’s so close to the roofline that I can only look into it by using a mirror. 5 eggs at the ready! Mum should start setting any day now.