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Day 13: Unlucky Thirteen, Nearly a Fail

January 13, 2014

Almost a Janathon fail today, but thankfully, not quite. I didn’t feel like going to the gym, nor did I feel like anything too strenuous… but I did manage to bundle up & go out for a walk. A short walk. Only a half mile. So, I didn’t fail on my exercise.

ChocRaspCakeI did, however, fail my diet. Made this chocolate-raspberry cake from scratch, frosting too. Tried a gluten-free recipe I got from a friend. Not bad! Not as tasty as a regular cake, but pretty good for gluten-free :-)


Day 3: Burning Off the Fruitcake

January 3, 2014

There’s still some left. Any takers?

The snowstorm abated at 10am, about 10 inches total. I shoveled out & took a half-mile dog walk, but I’m not counting that. It’s -13°F, thank God for the gym! I did a 4 mi. Expresso bike route called Bent Spoke (17 min.), then got a treadmill & did 1.5 mi. mixed walking/running intervals (20 min.). Closed with 15 min. of ab work on the mat, including a 30 sec. plank & some quad/hip/ham/calf/foot stretches. I’m planning to reintroduce running this month, as I did last January, with the hope of getting past 6 to 8 mi. long runs by May without injury. I’m trying not to get too jazzed tho, as this will be my 3rd year attempting to work up to my 1st half marathon.

Brrr, I’m cold & tired. Making a cup of tea now, then plan to crawl into bed to get warm. I should write thank-you notes for Christmas gifts I received, but I have a feeling I’ll get distracted by TV episodes on Netflix. Oh well. Tonight’s photo is of my first Christmas pudding ever. It unmolded perfectly & flamed with vigor! I even baked a real 1962 Queen Liz sixpence in it for luck. Here’s a video of the event, creatively filmed & arranged by Fruitcake-Shunning Elf, Ben Billings.