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Day 10: Doubleshot of Janathon

January 10, 2014

MobyClawsMy Friday Fitness pal Sandra & I haven’t walked together in weeks. We were both so busy over the holidays. Bitter cold temps &/or heavy snow also caused us to bag out often. It was snowy again this morning, but we went anyway, just to catch up with each other. Don’t know the exact route we took since we weren’t in my neighborhood, thus I can’t to check distance. I do know we went at a decent clip for about 50 min.

I went to the gym at 5pm to do my 2nd Jantastic run of the week, which counts as more Janathon too, yay! On the treadmill: 5 min. warm-up walk, then alternating 2 min. run/walk intervals for 22 min., then a 5 min. cooldown walk. A little post-workout stretching, but no rolling, as I ran out of time (had to be to a store before their 7pm closing). My right heel is hurting me these past few days. Gonna start icing it & sleeping in my therapeutic boot more often, as preventative maintenance. Cross my fingers, hold my breath!

Sticking with yesterday’s theme of animal dress-up, today’s pics are a doubleshot of my sister’s cat, Moby. She’d outfitted him in a Santa hat & beard over Christmas. He’s a very tolerant cat. Although he does seem to have that OK-I’m-so-done-with-this look in his eyes. (Photo credits: My Sister. All rights reserved.)