Day 7: Cold & Tired = Grumpy

January 7, 2014

I was kinda grumpy today. Finally got some things I ordered online, only to be disappointed in them (must return 2 items). Work was slow & boring. It’s 2°F. I have some tough life choices to make soon. Cut the tip of my index finger on a broken glass. All of this was complicated by the fact that I stayed up til almost 2am last night watching a TV program, which meant I was exhausted while dealing with all this stuff. I’ve got to get serious about getting more sleep. It makes a huge difference in my ability to cope with days like today.

The gym was packed with New Year Resolutioners, so I couldn’t get a treadmill to do my 1st Jantastic run of the week. I did exercise, however. I took a 1-hour strength training class instead.

Today’s photo is homemade. I’ll sure miss fresh hot scones with my coffee or tea, but I might try giving up flour for a month or so, to pinch a few pounds. More sleep might help with that too. Goodnight!



Day 6: Up Late with Downton!

January 6, 2014

But first, my Janathon performance report: 6 mi. ride on the Expresso bike at the gym. Done! Now onto more important things: Downton Abbey Season 4 premiered (Episode 1 only) last night in the US, finally! I don’t have television, so I had to wait until its online-release today… & I haven’t been able to carve out 2 uninterrupted hours to watch it until NOW. Um, bye! :-)

I love this TV series!

I love this TV series!

Day 5: Puppy :-)

January 5, 2014

Today was a pain. I didn’t have enough time to do everything I wanted to do. But I did get to Janathon. I made it to my gym & did do a 1/4 mi. warm-up walk, then alternating 2 min. walks/runs for a mile, then a 1/4 mi. cool-down walk. Closed with some foot/leg stretches. I tried to sign up for a Jantastic team today too, but am not sure if I made the deadline? Their website was wonky when I was trying to register. I will find out tomorrow if it took, when I try to log my 1st run of the week. Other things fell thru the cracks of the day, but whatever. I did get to hold a warm, sweet 5-day-old puppy & that made everything right :-)


Photo credit: Jane Billings, who took me to see this adorable pup!

Day 4: Put Another Log on the Fire

January 4, 2014

Funny that the news headline reads “Hunkered Down”. Yes he is!

Bunch of Saturday morning errands, then didn’t feel like driving to the gym. It was sunny & a comparatively balmy 21°F today, so I opted for an afternoon snowshoe hike. Moderately strenuous in 10 inches of powder, up & down hills, in both open fields & dense woods. 1.5 mi. total. Janathon complete!

Gorgeous scenery, but I didn’t have my phone or a camera on me, oops. So instead of pretty snow pics, here’s an indoor shot. It’s Eddie, relaxing on the empty wood rack… which prompts me to sing… “put another log on the fire!” Watch out, cat :-)

Day 3: Burning Off the Fruitcake

January 3, 2014

There’s still some left. Any takers?

The snowstorm abated at 10am, about 10 inches total. I shoveled out & took a half-mile dog walk, but I’m not counting that. It’s -13°F, thank God for the gym! I did a 4 mi. Expresso bike route called Bent Spoke (17 min.), then got a treadmill & did 1.5 mi. mixed walking/running intervals (20 min.). Closed with 15 min. of ab work on the mat, including a 30 sec. plank & some quad/hip/ham/calf/foot stretches. I’m planning to reintroduce running this month, as I did last January, with the hope of getting past 6 to 8 mi. long runs by May without injury. I’m trying not to get too jazzed tho, as this will be my 3rd year attempting to work up to my 1st half marathon.

Brrr, I’m cold & tired. Making a cup of tea now, then plan to crawl into bed to get warm. I should write thank-you notes for Christmas gifts I received, but I have a feeling I’ll get distracted by TV episodes on Netflix. Oh well. Tonight’s photo is of my first Christmas pudding ever. It unmolded perfectly & flamed with vigor! I even baked a real 1962 Queen Liz sixpence in it for luck. Here’s a video of the event, creatively filmed & arranged by Fruitcake-Shunning Elf, Ben Billings.


Day 2: Dog Walk in a Blizzard

January 2, 2014
Today's fitness pal, in her coat

Today’s fitness pal, in her coat

Today’s exercise was even less glamorous than Day 1… & even more desperate. Once again, I didn’t get around to it until after dark. It’s -1 °F & still snowing (8 inches & counting). My gym closed early due to the foul weather. It would’ve been so easy to bag out.

My saving grace was a friend’s 2-yr.-old yellow lab who was stupid helpful enough to be eager for an outing, even in a blizzard. So, out we went, to accomplish a 2.5 mi. walk. I hope I get extra points for tenacity?

A well deserved rest :-)

A well deserved rest :-)

Day 1: Still Fleshing Out My Jana-Plan

January 1, 2014

AgedBeefCoolerJanathon started promptly with the New Year. I’m still thinking about my fitness goals for the month, but I did exercise & that’s good enough for now. Went for a brisk 2 mi. walk in the dark @5pm. I was cold & sullen on the mile out, but feeling warmer & happier on the mile back. It’s 12°F, but still clear. Heavy snow is supposed to start before morning, with a forecast of 12 to 14 inches over the next 24 hrs.

Per notmuchofarunner ‘s tips, I am including some superfluous interesting photos that have nothing to do with fitness. I don’t have a broken shoulder & if you wanna hear about my plantar fasciitis, you’ll have to read last year’s Day 1. What I do have is a photo of the aged beef cooler at the Capital Grille in Chestnut Hill, MA. Lucky for me, our party was seated across from the walk-in wine cellar instead. (I’m not keen on red meat.) I ordered the seared sushi-grade tuna, in contrast to the steaks & filets most other diners fancy. Either way, the food was fabulous! I meant to take glamour shots of the spinach salad w/warm bacon dressing, the asparagus grilled in lemon oil, the wild mushroom sauté, the layered chocolate-hazelnut cake… but I was so titillated, I simply forgot. Shall I blame the wine?

BlackNapkinBefore we left, my friend Nancy took this pic of me holding my black napkin. Upon seating us, the hostess had immediately removed the white cloth napkin from my table setting only & replaced it with a black one. Curious, I asked why.

“Your dress, madam,” she replied. “This will leave no white lint on your black dress.” I knew right then I could expect a unique dining adventure.

Uh oh

December 31, 2013

I had decided not to Janathon this year, since a.) I don’t know if my life can handle any additional stressors right now; b.) I failed miserably last Juneathon, dropping out on Day 4 due to an unmanageable hip flexor/quad strain injury that occurred the last week in May; and c.) the blogging requirement puts me off at the moment, as I mostly forget how to use WordPress.

So… I’m not feeling clever or inspired. What I am feeling is fat & lazy. And edgy. Which is a sign that I need to up my game. I have to admit, one thing that usually works to get me feeling energetic when I’m flat is some kind of healthy group challenge silliness… but moan, I’m not up for this at all. I’d better go sign up now, before the closing bell tonight.

Day 4: Boo Hoo, I Won’t Be Blue

June 4, 2013

Today’s Juneathon exercise was another measly mile walked, with less of a limp, thank God for that. Red Hen just reminded me that Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon training plan requires 12 wks., which means technically, I would need to start next week! (My race is September 1.) Will I be OK to slack a week or 2, since I was already doing 3mi./3mi./5mi. weeks in May? I hope to bounce back quickly, IF this injury heals well enough in 3 weeks to give slow jogging a chance? We’ll see…

The poster below features a bluebird, which I painted last month for a library event. I’ve had bluebirds on the brain lately, as we have a nesting pair in the yard & I see them frequently perched on the fence around our veggie garden. Some of you already know I’m a library volunteer artist & paint most of their event posters. I donate my time & the materials. The nature-based events are my favorite to publicize, as I love painting plants, bugs, birds & other creatures — tho I confess, I did enjoy painting this dumpster w/garbage. Variety is nice, I guess :-)


Day 3: It Was Lame. Literally.

June 3, 2013

TulipFavsWhoa, this is not going well. I walked a mile today & it hurt. Technically, I should say “I limped a mile today.” Stretched mildly before & after, like I was told. Am icing now, too. I’m still so disappointed that I got an injury the week before Juneathon. I keep trying to remember that I’ve had a fabulous 5 months of running since January. I’ve been reminding myself that having plantar fasciitis was much worse than this. That recovery took over a year, while this hip flexor thing should be over in 4 to 6 weeks. Oh please, I hope so! At least I had a perfect diet day & did get 8 hrs. sleep last night.

That’s all for today. I still have some work waiting in my office before I can go to bed… but here’s a photo: some tulips I bought. Looking at them makes me feel better.