My Art: Adult @ Play

Hi there! I hope you’ll be content to simply click on “My Art” under “Categories” on the sidebar at right, to see art-only posts, if that’s your only interest. I prefer to keep my blog a diverse site that explores the whole me, while I experiment with blogging :-)

Somewhere in a box, I have a self-portrait I drew in grade school while learning to write. It reads “I want to be an artist when I grow up.” Well, I’m an artist, but I’m still growing. Art helps me with that.

I paint glassware for a living currently, but I really like sketching, painting & making all kinds of things for no good reason — other than because I feel like it & I can. For my own amusement, I am in a Sketchbook Exchange Group & sometimes participate in the Creative Every Day Challenge. You can see examples of my creative efforts by clicking on the “My Art” category shown in my blog’s sidebar list at right.

Thanks for visiting!


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