Mission Statement

I just read that blogs should have “mission statements,” to help define intentions. So readers who stumble onto my site can quickly know the reason for my blog… and so I can remember why I bothered to start the darn thing :-)

So, this blog’s mission is:
•  To expand my creativity, by providing a public space to express
    myself artistically & to network with other artists doing the same.
•  To teach me the hands-on basics of WordPress, simple web-design
    & Internet connectivity (for business applications in the future?).
•  To improve my physical health, by providing a motivational space
    to declare fitness goals, record my progress & network with other
    folks doing the same.
•  To facilitate meeting new people & to keep in touch with existing
    family & friends, all from the comfort of my own home.
•  To improve my writing skills & offer me deeper self-discovery thru
    the practice of “journaling.”

Tall order, but hey, shoot the moon.


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