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Hi there! I hope you’ll be content to simply click on “Fitness” under “Categories” on the sidebar at right, to see fitness-only posts, if that’s your only interest. I prefer to keep my blog a diverse site that explores the whole me, while I experiment with blogging :-)

That said, I read that publicly declaring one’s intentions can fortify one’s resolve toward goals. And that “journalling” progress also helps. And I am also working on developing some online “fitness-friends,” since finding real ones can be problematic in some ways. See my Mission Statement for my broader goals. According to my research, all of these things should help me become a better runner. And overall fitness (yoga, strength training w/weights & mat exercises, eating smarter, biking, hiking, etc.) will make a better me: stronger, healthier, closer to my ideal body weight/shape, happier & more confident.

Re: running specifically, I started some loose training on a lark in 2008, after seeing some website posts of women much bigger than me running a 15K in sports bras & shorts (lumpy midriffs flapping, for all to see)! Soon after that, my sister convinced me to do the running leg of a triathlon relay team in September 2009, with her as swimmer & my mother as biker. That locked me into a deadline. I had mixed results for a while & totally fell off the wagon in winter (hated running on treadmill yet felt it was too cold & icy outside). But by late April 2009, I was back at it. By following the Couch to 5K running plan, I achieved  my goal of a 5K race in under a 10 min. mile by August 2009 & did do the relay triathlon as the runner with my family in September. Then, in October, I canned the running til spring, minus a brief stint on the treadmill (approx. 10 treadmill runs, spurred by a portable music device a friend gave me for Christmas).

Spring 2010 came & I eased back into running (interval training for a month). By now, I run outdoors all year round (thanks to Ice Spikes & layered clothing). I run about 8 to 12 mi. a week, unless I’m training for a race goal or doing some crazy challenge (Janathon or Juneathon). I cross train with biking, weights, yoga & hiking or walking in summer, some snowshoeing in winter. I just joined a gym w/pool in December 2011, so I can workout there in winter, plus take aquatics fitness & maybe learn to swim… in case I ever want to do a triathlon?

Here’s where I stand to date (January 2012) regarding races…
First 5K: August 2009, Run for the Honey 5K, 28:37 (still my personal best for a 5K)
First & only 5 Miler (8K), September 2010, Francestown Five, 49:02
First & only 10K, October 2010, Leaf Peeper Classic 10K, 1:02:58
First & only 10 Miler (15K, all trails), June 2011, Black Fly in My Eye 10 Mile Trail Run, 1:58:00
First & only UK 5K, June 2012, Swindon Parkrun w/abradypus, 32:13 (on lame foot)

My next big goal is to do my first half marathon, perhaps the Swanzey Covered Bridges Half, to be held in September 2012? My goal is the same simple goal as always — to finish, free of injury & not in last place :-) [Note: I was not able to train for this race in 2012, due to serious plantar fasciitis in my left foot, which became debilitating in Feb. 2012… still struggling to correct it.]

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