About Me

HeadMeI sketch & paint & make things. I run. I stretch my body & mind (yoga & meditation). I am an amateur naturalist & farmer. I cook & eat. I read & write. I have 2 cats, a flock of chickens & no kids. I am learning to play the piano. I am learning to swim. I love learning about almost everything. I am always trying to better understand & embrace my world, other people in it & my ever-changing self. I’m a big fan of the ampersand.

I’m 4o-something. I live in rural New Hampshire, USA. Degreed in Communications Design (fancy name for commercial art), I used to be an Art Director in the wild world of marketing. Now, I am a self-employed artist & co-owner of a wholesale giftware company. I’m enthusiastic, moody, curious, over-committed, self-confident, hyperactive & miraculously, still married.

To uncover more about me, you may have to explore some of my older Flickr posts at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/27929144@N02/
or you can try to get me to tweet @ Twittername: henniemavis
To contact me, simply post a comment to any blog entry here & I will receive your message thru moderation email.


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