Day 17: Nervous Training Run on Twingy Quad

The good news is I had a massage today. The bad news is that may or may not be related to an aggravated left quad? This particular quad is the one that got strained along with my hip flexor last May & hasn’t really recovered to 100% yet. Today, it was a little twingy while just walking… but I thought it might come around after a bit… so I did the same training run as Day 14, but held the handrails on the treadmill, as I didn’t trust my fool leg wouldn’t give out! Weirdly, it hurt most while doing the 90 sec. walking intervals. During the 3-min. run drills, it seemed fine. Whatever! I survived it. I hope the twingy thing is gone by Sunday morning tho, when I try running again.

Christmas CactusThat’s all today. Another emotionally draining day. I can’t even muster a photo, sorry! Oh, wait… I’ll go look for something… here, have a Christmas Cactus. Ooo, pretty! :-)


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8 Responses to “Day 17: Nervous Training Run on Twingy Quad”

  1. plustenner Says:

    love the cactus!

  2. Red Hen Says:

    I`m wary of the Janathon requirement to exercise every day. Photographing Christmas cactus is an excellent cross training activity!

  3. Lupo Grigio Says:

    Oddly, the mailing thing seems unreliable–I thought you weren;t posting because I didn;t get the mailed posts. My Christmas cacti are all in flower too! :-D I missed my walk yesterday for the first time since the new year because I had a poetry and company for dinner. Hope to make it up today.

  4. abradypus Says:

    Nice cactus, nasty quad. I hope the last week has improved it and that it has been less emotionally draining.

    • henniemavis Says:

      Have been keeping up with Jantastic but not Janathon. My exercise has been mostly fine (running a slow-buildup plan still in effect), but I just couldn’t keep up the blogging while emotionally indisposed. I’m hoping to get back on track posting & reading in time to congratulate those who had great success this month!

  5. notmuchofarunner Says:

    Oooooo….that doesn’t sound good.
    I hope the lack of further posts means you are resting up and not lost in a blizzard somewhere!

    It’s snowing here today… I shall soon be heading to that hill of mine… But I still need my fix of your snow pics.

  6. mary taitt Says:

    I love you! Miss you!

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