Day 12: Bring-a-Friend-to-the-Gym Day

PetuniasGrownMade up for yesterday’s lazy Janathon workout by doing my run-training plan early today. Well, OK, early for me: 11am. It was the last of my 2 min. alternating walk/run plan, so next week, I can up the ante. My right foot still hurts, but my right quad & hip flexor seem pretty solid, thankfully. If I can keep my foot from declining, maybe even improve it, I should be able to move forward with longer runs, no walking intervals & less pain. I’m hoping for the best.

I’d given my friend Carrie a prepaid 1-day pass last year as a gift, so she could go w/either me or her husband (we’re both members) & try out my cushy gym. She never used it & then discovered it was going to expire at the end of this month, so she called me to plan a date ASAP. It made for a fun outing. I did my Jantastic Run #3 for the week, while she rode the recumbent bike (her fav). Then we stretched together on the mat & hung out in the steam room for 20 min. blabbing away, just the 2 of us. After a leisurely shower, we went out for lunch. Good fitness, relaxation & food — a great way to catch up with a friend.

PetuniaWinterTonight’s photos: my hanging petunia, then & now. I liked it better back in July.


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3 Responses to “Day 12: Bring-a-Friend-to-the-Gym Day”

  1. ImpactOnline Says:

    Oh no, you have snow?! Whereabouts are you? I thought we’d have snow in Aberdeen today but just a thin layer of ice so far…

  2. ImpactOnline Says:

    Oh and well done on the workout ;)

  3. fitflo Says:

    I prefer it then too!

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