Day 7: Cold & Tired = Grumpy

I was kinda grumpy today. Finally got some things I ordered online, only to be disappointed in them (must return 2 items). Work was slow & boring. It’s 2°F. I have some tough life choices to make soon. Cut the tip of my index finger on a broken glass. All of this was complicated by the fact that I stayed up til almost 2am last night watching a TV program, which meant I was exhausted while dealing with all this stuff. I’ve got to get serious about getting more sleep. It makes a huge difference in my ability to cope with days like today.

The gym was packed with New Year Resolutioners, so I couldn’t get a treadmill to do my 1st Jantastic run of the week. I did exercise, however. I took a 1-hour strength training class instead.

Today’s photo is homemade. I’ll sure miss fresh hot scones with my coffee or tea, but I might try giving up flour for a month or so, to pinch a few pounds. More sleep might help with that too. Goodnight!


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6 Responses to “Day 7: Cold & Tired = Grumpy”

  1. mary taitt Says:

    MMMmmmmm, sure looks yummy. I couldn’t eat it, though. I cut my thumb on broken glass today. Broke a large glass candle holder. My exercise was walking to the doctor’s and back in below zero temps, about 50 minutes of walking. I should go to bed. You too, if you haven;t yet!

  2. Red Hen Says:

    Oh, I love your coffee break! Perfect!

  3. cynthia Says:

    What a pretty composition! My mouth is fairly watering!

    I had trouble getting Downton Abbey to appear on my tv (we get good old normal tv, but only pbs — haha, only pbs! If it can only be one channel then at least it’s a good one!) so I saw the last hour on Sunday. Then on Monday it was on the internet so I watched the first hour. Funny how the sequence of the show didn’t matter at all.

  4. abradypus Says:

    Sleep well – I hope things look brighter in the morning.

  5. plustenner Says:

    hope you feel better – I am a total grump after not enough sleep x

  6. fitflo Says:

    I’m drooling over my laptop….they look amazing!

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