Day 4: Put Another Log on the Fire


Funny that the news headline reads “Hunkered Down”. Yes he is!

Bunch of Saturday morning errands, then didn’t feel like driving to the gym. It was sunny & a comparatively balmy 21°F today, so I opted for an afternoon snowshoe hike. Moderately strenuous in 10 inches of powder, up & down hills, in both open fields & dense woods. 1.5 mi. total. Janathon complete!

Gorgeous scenery, but I didn’t have my phone or a camera on me, oops. So instead of pretty snow pics, here’s an indoor shot. It’s Eddie, relaxing on the empty wood rack… which prompts me to sing… “put another log on the fire!” Watch out, cat :-)


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4 Responses to “Day 4: Put Another Log on the Fire”

  1. abradypus Says:

    “balmy 21°F” – you wouldn’t get me out of doors for love nor money. I’d be on the wood rack with the cat!

  2. jo(e) Says:

    It sounds like your January is getting off to a good start.

  3. BB Says:

    It was 34 F today and it felt downright warm in comparison to what we’ve been having.

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