Day 2: Kayak-yak-yakking


View of my friend’s lakehouse from her dock.

My Juneathon exercise du jour was all upper body workout. An hour of steady kayaking, to work the arms, shoulders & upper back. And 2 hours of yakking, for the neck, jaws & soul. I did this with a friend who has a lovely lake house only 20 min. away. Her husband was working today, while mine had gone hiking with a friend. Sunny & 90°F, a perfect summer Sunday for 2 pals to catch up over breakfast, then kayaking, followed by more chitty-chat while lounging in tubes on the water :-)

I also did 10 min. of boring but necessary rehab stretches for my hip flexor/quadricep injury. Did my icing & Ibuprofen also. And I set my new goals for Juneathon:

1.) Do a variety of rehab-approved exercise daily while I heal & hope to run again before the end of the month!

2.) Recommit to implementing a “training diet” of 1,450 cal/day from mostly fruits, veggies, lean protein & whole grains, to maximize my energy & minimize body fat. That starts tomorrow, since I just had a last-hurrah scoop of Rocky Road ice cream, HA!

3.) Focus on more yoga while I wait to run again. Stretching everything, not just my hip & quad, will be good for me, as will the stress-reduction benefit. In summer, I tend to let yoga slide in favor of more outdoor running, biking & hiking. While I recover, more yoga might help my patience with injury downtime.

4.) Aim for 7 to 8 hrs. of sleep per night (instead of 4 to 6). That should be particularly challenge, in the face of this month’s endless blog-writing & blog-reading!

If you were following me during Janathon, some of these items should look familiar from my 2013 New Year’s resolutions. Gosh, I hope this hip injury resolves quickly.

My friend's lakefront view.

My friend’s lakefront view, her dock & her kayaks (I used the red one).


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10 Responses to “Day 2: Kayak-yak-yakking”

  1. runtezza Says:

    Hiya Hen! What fantastic pictures — kayaking sounds wonderful, especially with the conversational supplement. Good luck on those fabulous new goals and hope the injury goes away prontissimo.

  2. notmuchofarunner Says:

    Oh my goodness! That lake is 20 minutes away from you?!
    I am sooooooo jealous. It looks lovely.

    Great goals too. I told you upper-body workouts were the way forward ;-)

  3. abradypus Says:

    That looks, and sounds, fabulous!

  4. Red Hen Says:

    Ah, blogging interfering with your sleep? I can identify with that one! What perfect pal chat conditions you had there on that lakefront. I`m jealous!

  5. Lupo Grigio Says:

    Great goals–and looks like you had a great time kayaking and yakking, lovely spot. WAHN! Wish I were there and could join in the fun! Upper body workouts would be good for me.

  6. soleburner Says:

    Amazingly beautiful!

  7. Ian Roberts (@runningman856) Says:

    The lake looks great. Good luck with your new goals and for the rest of Juneathon.

  8. plustenner Says:

    you have inspired me – last bar of Dairy Milk consumed – from tomorrow only good foods :)

  9. Shaz Says:

    That looks amazing

  10. fortnightflo Says:

    WOW – does she want to do a house swap?!?!

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