Day 1: Revising Goals Already

Here I sit on Juneathon Day 1 @11:30pm, just now getting to my blogpost. Not a good sign, people. I did my exercise tho, @10am this morning: a 2.25mi. walk with a steady but limping gait. Even that was pushing it, as I was a little sore on my return.

After happily announcing this year’s 100 mi. running goal for June in mid-May, my ship sank a few days ago. Seems I tweaked my right leg after some enthusiastic plyometrics last Thursday & a 5 mi. run Friday. Four days of lame later, I called my doctor. Official diagnosis: a strained hip flexor w/likely pulled upper quad too. Nice.

PhoebeNestTreatment & recovery underway. Icing & 1800mg/day Ibupofen for the short term, mild to moderate stretching before & after any mild to moderate exercise, based on my improvement levels over time. I’m told to “proceed with caution.” Pooh, I’m not a patient person, but if I want to keep to my first half-marathon goal for September, I will have to sacrifice my 100-mi. Juneathon. The doctor said I still have plenty of time to recover & continue training for my half, so yay for that :-)

What’s most disappointing about having to scrap a 100-mi. Juneathon is that I spent Janathon 2013 in final recovery of a yearlong bout with plantar fasciitis & had amazing success! I got back to running 3X a week & continued to progress by committing to Marathon Talk’s Jantastic-Febulous-Marchvellous 3-month running challenge. By the end of March, I was up to 4 or 5 mi. long runs on top of a couple 5K runs per week. Life was grand.

But that was then & this is now. Since yesterday’s diagnosis, I’m mentally & physically adjusting. New goals for June TBA tomorrow, cuz I’ve had enough typing tonight. Here’s today’s photo: an Eastern Phoebe nest we found in our woodshed. It wasn’t there a week ago. I can reach the nest, but it’s so close to the roofline that I can only look into it by using a mirror. 5 eggs at the ready! Mum should start setting any day now.


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13 Responses to “Day 1: Revising Goals Already”

  1. notmuchofarunner Says:

    I do feel for you. Especially when the mojo is raring to go (which isn’t always the case), to have the body say, ‘no’ is, at the very least, super annoying :-(
    Good luck with the goal setting.

    • henniemavis Says:

      Thanks :-) Injuries aside, I still got mojo, but yes, I’ll have to reapply it… to something… like heckling your blog perhaps? Good luck with your effort, too. Big sister is watching!

  2. Red Hen Says:

    You exercised and posted,that’s all that matters.And we got a nice pic too!Never heard of Eastern Phoebes before.What an unusual name for a bird.

  3. abradypus Says:


  4. stopthejiggle Says:

    I hope your recovery is speedy so you can get out there sooner rather than later. What half marathon are you doing in September?

  5. plustenner Says:

    speedy recovery, but not too speedy :) ahhh, baby birds soon!

  6. Lupo Grigio Says:

    Hope you feel better QUICKLY! SPEEDY RECOVERY! Do take care of yourself!!!! :-D <3 That’s so cool about the Phoebe next and eggs! YAY!!! :-D <3

  7. fortnightflo Says:

    Oh tooo cute – look how small those eggs are!

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