Marching Into March With Sushi

Meant to post an update over the weekend, but just never got to it. My work is getting busier with deadlines now, plus I was away over the weekend. I won’t bore you with work details, so how ’bout some slightly less boring pics from the weekend?


I’m ready to begin. Chop, chop!

I went to a Sushi 101 cooking class at the Bernerhof Inn in the White Mountains. It was great fun! My husband found this activity online, when looking for unusual things for us to do together. We both like sushi, so I agreed that it would be great to know how to make it at home. Our instructor, Chef Kendra Stanley, was fantastic. I learned a lot. We stayed overnight at the inn, as it was 3 hours drive from home. Our Saturday night sushi dinner & wine was included in the cost of the cooking class, & breakfast the next morning was included in the price of our room — which was discounted, since we were taking a class there. It was well worth every penny!

Chef Kendra demos julienned veggies.

Despite a busy week & a weekend away, I managed to cram in my last 3 Febulous runs. I ran 3 miles on Tuesday (treadmill), 5 miles on Thursday (outdoors) & 3 more miles on Friday (treadmill). I’m particularly pleased with the 5-miler, which is my first distance over 4 mi. in probably 18 mo. or more. I think I can safely say the my plantar fasciitis recovery & management is successful. I’m so happy that after over a year of struggling with foot pain, I’ve found my way out of it by stretching my foot & calves daily, sleeping in my therapeutic boot often & using a foam roller on my legs 3X a week or more. I aim to keep that up as I continue to run, run, run! I did my first run for March yesterday, another 3 mi. Since Marchvellous run training is about improving speed, I’m planning to mostly practice the 3 mi. distance & look for a 5K the weekend of March 30/31, hoping to get a personal best.

Ken wraps his bamboo mat.

Ken wraps his bamboo mat while Chef Kendra offers helpful tips.

A short wine break before we roll in seaweed!

A short wine break before we roll seaweed!

I’m still coffee- & black tea-free. I still eat chocolate in small amounts, but all other caffeine is out of my system. I can’t say I notice a marked difference. I may be a slight bit less volatile emotionally (ie. less stress)? Hard to tell really. I am noticing a marked difference in my weight tho, since mid-January when I started reducing my calorie intake. I’m down 8 lbs. in 6 wks. If I continue w/my calorie-counting for another 2 months, I wonder if I will drop another 10 lbs. by May 1? I’m going to keep up the effort & see what happens :-)

Viola! Beautiful sushi :-)


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7 Responses to “Marching Into March With Sushi”

  1. naturalgreentherapy Says:

    They look delicious. I’m glad you made it to the Sushi weekend AND achieved your running goals and beyond. Some flattering photos as well. Good for you – no wonder you are smiling.

  2. peggy fussell Says:

    What fun!! You’ve inspired me to look for weekend away cooking classes for David and me!

  3. abradypus Says:

    Great news about your foot :-)

  4. Red Hen Says:

    Great entry! Have been struggling with a foot injury too.Tell us more about that boot. Can`t kinda see it matching with my negligée ;-).Oh and the weight loss thing. Congrats! How did that work out? Were you hungry?

  5. naturalgreentherapy Says:

    I watched this last night and thought of your weekend. ;)

  6. fortnightflo Says:

    Oh that sushi looks amazing! I’m glad your foot is better – Juneathon is on for you then!

  7. jo(e) Says:

    That first photo where you’re holding the knife and looking straight into the camera? You look totally badass.

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