Happy Snowy Valentine’s Day

Proof of snow depth: this picket fence is 3 ft. high!

Proof of snow depth: this picket fence is 3 ft. high!


Woodshed path, cleared.

Our town’s official blizzard snow depth was 3rd in the state @ 32 inches. Fortunately, this snow was a light, fluffy variety, which made plowing & shoveling a lot easier than a heavy, wet variety. My husband digs out the cars, then plows the lane & driveway circle with the tractor (& in this case, bucketloader), while I clear pathways to outbuildings & doorways by hand shoveling. The snowfall ended before dark, which was convenient as it gave us time to clear everything before any chance of an icy crust forming.

Unwilling to drive to the gym, I did an outdoor winter run on Sunday, which required a lot of determination, since a.) it was cold & snowy on the road, & b.) I was in the throes of obsessively watching 8 non-stop episodes of Downton Abbey Season 2. I did get out there by late afternoon, barely squeezing in a 2-miler at dusk. Monday I ran 2 mi. at the gym & rode 5.5 mi. on the bike. Tuesday, I took an hour class of strength training w/weights & drills, then rode another 5.5 mi. on the bike.

Chicken coop path, done.

Chicken coop path, cleared.

Wednesday, I planned to run 4 miles. I could have gone outdoors, as the temp was mild (well above freezing), but our dirt road was soft & slushy. I didn’t want to have wet feet the entire run & risk overturning my ankle in the muck. It’s already slightly tweaked from a few missteps in the dark on Sunday. I played it safe & ran all 4 mi. on a treadmill at the gym. This was insanely boring, even with good music. Now that I’m starting to stretch my distances, I’ve got to stop being so prissy about weather & run outdoors.

Here’s an unexpected development this week: I’ve spontaneously joined Mark & Jo in giving up coffee & black tea (caffeine reduction) for Lent. I’ve been wanting to try knocking out caffeine, to see if I notice a lower level of anxiety/stress in my general personality &/or see if I sleep better. No caffeinated beverages until Easter should give it a fair trial. I know chocolate has caffeine, but I am not giving that up. Gotta draw the line somewhere :-)


Office/barn entrance, cleared.

Back door, cleared.

Great place to be snowed in!

Cozy place to be snowed in!


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14 Responses to “Happy Snowy Valentine’s Day”

  1. naturalgreentherapy Says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog today and seeing your lovely house set among the trees and snow. Keep up the good work during Febulous. :)

  2. zoecakes Says:

    Is decaff coffee and tea allowed? ;)

    • henniemavis Says:

      We have all kinda made our own rules, with the goal being to see what “no/low caffeine” feels like. I am saying no coffee period & no black tea period. I am allowing green tea if decaf & any other naturally decaffeinated “tea” (herbal, rooibos, mint, etc.) I think Mark is the same, but allowing reg. green tea as his only caffeine? Not sure how Jo defines her effort. Are you doing it too?

  3. Mary Stebbins Taitt Says:


    WTG with the exercising. That's quite the snowfall-ours is half melted away. The only snow in the back yard is what was put there while shoveling the driveway.

  4. shazruns Says:

    Looks lovely and great excuse not to run

  5. plustenner Says:

    lovely photos!

  6. Red Hen Says:

    Gosh all that shovelling was a workout in itself. Wishing you safe snow runs!

  7. jo(e) Says:

    I love these photos!

    I gave up caffeine years ago — but I too make an exception for chocolate. The only reason to drink a hot cup of herbal tea is so that it can melt the square of chocolate I just put in my mouth ….

  8. notmuchofarunner Says:

    Wonderful! :-)

    Though ‘proving’ the depth of the snow by saying the fence is 3 ft high is no more proof than just telling us the snow is 3 ft deep in the first place ;-)

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