Blizzard In Progress: 2 Feet Overnight, Still Coming Down



No run today, HA! (pic taken 9am)

Today’s fitness activity will be snow shoveling, not running! We got 2 ft. of snow overnight & it’s still coming down thickly. It’s blowing like crazy (white-out, snow blindness conditions), so I’m not motivated to go outdoors & take pictures. The above photo, taken previously, is what 12″ of snow looks like. Double that & you’ll have what we’ve got right now :-)

We won’t plow out until it stops, which forecasters predict in the next few hours? I will need to put on my snowpants & raincoat then, as the snowdrifts are up to my hips. Shoveling a pathway to the chicken coop will be first, as the hens will be thirsty (their water froze solid overnight). Shoveling to the woodshed will be next, so the woodstoves can continue to be well stoked. Our propane heaters shut off last night when the snow against the house became so deep as to cover up the exhaust vents (automatic safety feature). Perhaps I can just dig out the vents & they will start up again? It’s never happened before, so we might have to look for the instruction manuals. Despite 50 to 60mph wind gusts, the power continues to stay on. I’m amazed & thankful for that bit of luck!

CoffeeMeanwhile, I’m enjoying the beautiful views out my windows while I drink coffee (only 1 mug tho, as I try to reduce my caffeine, drat!) read magazines & consider making a hot soup for lunch. This is the best snow day we’ve had in a very long time :-)



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7 Responses to “Blizzard In Progress: 2 Feet Overnight, Still Coming Down”

  1. notmuchofarunner Says:

    This is my third attempt at leaving a reply. I will give up if it doesn’t work and I’m not sure I have the energy to make this as long and as side-splittingly funny as the other two.
    I just wanted to say I love the snow and I like that it sounds like you do too. Enjoy your strength training and keep the snowy pictures coming!

    P.s. Sorry if I’ve now written on your blog 3 times. If you can see the other comments you will realise that they weren’t really at all funny… But if you can’t then Please feel free to think that they were.

  2. Mary Stebbins Taitt Says:

    I am glad you still have power. SHoveling snow is a good workout for sure. I still have more shoveling to do,e ven though we didn’t get as much snow as you did. BUT we are going owl hunting instead, shortly–hunt first, shovel later. Good luck and pace yourself and hope the pwoer stays on.

    I was amused by not so much of a runner’s comments! LOL! And by yours in return! LoD :-D

  3. naturalgreentherapy Says:

    That’s a lot of snow. Glad to read you are still connected to the electricity supply and I hope you managed to clear a path to the woodpile. Soup and a good book (or films) ;) seems like the order of the day.

    It looks very pretty even if you can’t run in it.

    • henniemavis Says:

      The snow has just stopped, at 29 inches, from what we can measure. I’m suiting up now, to shovel the way to my poor hens in their coop! After the shoveling, yes, a good book by the woodstove :-)

  4. plustenner Says:

    Good luck! hope the shovelling iis done now and you are relaxing by the fire

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