Blackout Ends: Janathon Wrap-Up, Febulous Begins


I took this pic of San Francisco Bay while visiting friends there in 2012. The Golden Gate bridge is amazing. Just look at all that electricity, HA!

Hooray! I woke to having electricity back. The windstorm is over & our power was restored sometime during the night. I can access the Internet once again, but more importantly, I can make coffee & breakfast :-)

Another successful Janathon has ended, tho not in record running miles for me. I did exercise every day, I did log it & blog it daily as well… but my foot injury & its recovery demanded less running, so I had to supplement my schedule with more biking, ARC training, rowing, walking, strength training & especially daily stretching & frequent foam-rollering. Instead of breaking my own run-miles-per-month record (still stands at 76.5 mi.), I’ve had an even better achievement — the restoration of hope for better running ahead! My primary goal for Janathon was to add regular runs back into my life, while continuing to nuture my foot for improvement, not further damage. I appear (knock on wood) to have been doing that, so once again, my Janathon experience has been an inspired one :-)

Special thanks adoration to jogblog for organizing & making Janathon possible. Thanks to all the supportive friends &/or fellow Janathoners who commented on my blogposts — & tolerated my gab on their blogs, HA! Thanks to my husband for his continued patience during my dinner-hour fitness excursions & late-night blogging forays. And most of all, thanks to the amazing machine that is my aging body: a strong heart, worthy tendons & joints, leg muscles, my still sore but recovering feet & the most powerful part of all, my believing mind :-)

So… on to Febulous with my virtual running team, the Bad Wabbits! I was recruited for my enthusiasm not my run performance, obviously. Nevertheless, I have to set personal goals for all 4 weeks of February by this weekend’s deadline. Having achieved & sometimes exceeded my goal of 3 runs per week, as I stated for Janatastic (Phase 1 of this 3-month challenge), Febulous is now about maintaining the regularity of 3x/week but extending my distance once a week. It’s about improving endurance. What’s great about Febulous is there’s no blogging requirement, just running then logging my runs on my team’s board as I complete them. I may still blog here once a week, as a scrapbook of progress for myself.

But today, I rest. After 31 days of exercise — 88 mi. biked, 28 mi. run, 29 mi. walked/snowshoed, some untallied rowing distance (oops), plus over 7 hrs. of strength training & stretching — I think I deserve one day off :-)


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6 Responses to “Blackout Ends: Janathon Wrap-Up, Febulous Begins”

  1. JogBlog Says:

    Well done and thanks for joining in again. Maybe one day you can organise a holiday over here that coincides with the post-‘athon meet up!

  2. notmuchofarunner Says:

    Yay. Here’s to continuing the motivation for at least the next couple of months. I would say I’m only just now beginning to feel the benefits of all January’s running. Actually feeling fitter and faster. Creating good habits too.
    I may also manage the occasional blog update. Keep it going :-)

  3. abradypus Says:

    Our weather sucked? You’ve been telling us that you’ve temperatures of minus umpteen and yards and yards and yards of snow!

    Well done on Janathon and good luck for febulous.

    • henniemavis Says:

      HA! I was being facetious (hence the wink). We did have some consistently bitter cold in January, our snowfall was actually below record for the month, but more than you get. Bet we both get less than Abradysis! :-)

      Hey, I am still floored by your amazing distances! Best wishes for some great Ultras this spring, plus Brighton Marathon in there too! I will definitely be watching your blog all year. What super inspiration!

  4. 7stoneitch Says:

    Well done for making it through Janathon! Good Luck for Febulous

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