Day 31: Power Outage Threatens Last Day’s Blogpost

Unbelievable! As dumb luck would have it, we’ve been having very high winds today (60mph), which knocked out our electricity at noon. I’m planning to do my run at the gym in about an hour, but stopped here at the library to post this, since no power = no internet = no blogging from home. When I come back thru town, the library will be closed, so I may have to park outside & blog my final Janathon report from my car. I’m not letting a blackout ruin my perfect month-of-blogging requirement on its last day!

What’s worse, if I still have no power tonight, how will I watch a movie? My days as a Netflix movie crackhead may have been short-lived. Oh, and then there are other matters… like no running water when the power is out… which means NO dishwashing (yay), NO bathing (boo) or my personal least-favorite, NO toilet-flushing (ew). Thank goodness for my gym. Their hospital affiliation means they are covered by the hospital’s emergency generator when there’s a power outage. As long as I keep up my membership dues, I’ll always have a place to shower. A very useful perk :-)

7PM UPDATE: I’ve gotten back to the library just before closing, but I only have 15 min. til they shut the doors. At least I can type inside & be warm, instead of outside from my car in a cold, dark parking lot. Came from the gym, where I ran 2.5 mi. on a treadmill (with a 1/4 mi. walk fore & aft). Did 15 min. of abwork & stretching on the mat then, just before a luxurious hot shower. I called home before I left the gym, hopeful to have power back, but no luck. It’ll have been down for 8 hrs. by the time I get home. Dinner will be uninspired, to say the least. I’ll do a proper last-day-of-Janathon assessment post once my electricity returns & hence, my lovely Internet service with it. Goodnight — the library is closing & I must head out into the black of night! Being melodramatic helps ease my suffering. :-)


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2 Responses to “Day 31: Power Outage Threatens Last Day’s Blogpost”

  1. abradypus Says:

    I hope you have a good supply of candles! I’d hate to think of you stubbing a toe in the dark and doing yourself an injury.

  2. Lupo Grigio Says:

    Hope you manage to stay warm and safe!!! You’re really dedicated. I walked 45 minutes yesterday, plus did my exercises. I stayed on my diet, ate nothing bad, had moderate portions (reasonable and fairly small) and GAINED 1.5 pounds. GO figure.

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