Day 29: Puss in Boots? No… Cat on Pants!

First, my Janathon report, which also counts toward Jantastic Run #1 for the week: 1.5 mi. run on the gym treadmill @ 9:15 pace. I knew I didn’t have much time, so I ran faster than usual (for me). I had to stop then, to make it to a one-hour strength training class, which turns out, features plyometrics. I didn’t know what this was until a fellow Jantastic teammate mentioned it this week. I guess I’ve been doing some plyometrics all along!

In class, we use handweights for standard muscle-building moves, but between those sets, we do “cardio-bursts” that involve crouching, hopping & jumping. You know, repetitive moves that look like a speedskater moving side to side but with hops onto the left foot, then back onto the right foot. Or a repeated move that imitates squatting to pick up an imaginary basketball on the floor, then straightening up into an energetic jumpshot. Crouch, jump, shoot, about 25 times in a row. I’m pretty sure that’s plyometrics, right? (Someone please correct me & explain in a comment, if I’m mistaken!)

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Now, a silly animal slideshow. When I relax on the couch in the evenings, to read a book or on my laptop (& very recently, to watch Netflix, HA!), I sometimes decide to take off my pants. I have long underwear on underneath, which are less binding & more comfy than the jeans I ditch. When my cat sees pants on the floor, he likes to try to “get into” them. He can’t quite figure out how to burrow into a pantleg, so after fidgeting for 15 min. or so, he finally gives up & just snoozes on them in a heap. I can’t decide if he likes that they are still warm, that they smell like Mommy, or if he wishes to actually wear them as a fashion statement?

OK, Netflix movie time now. Goodnight :-)


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6 Responses to “Day 29: Puss in Boots? No… Cat on Pants!”

  1. Lupo Grigio Says:

    Congrats on your continuing good work! How fun with the cat!!! LOL! I have been walking every day without fail, sometimes more than required. Yesterday, we walked at the mall because it was raining quite hard. I HATE WALKING AT THE MALL. It stinks there, literally. It’s raining again today. I may just walk in the rain.

    • henniemavis Says:

      On occasion, it stinks at my gym too. Only on certain days, when it’s very crowded, it seems to smell like sour sweat. Not surprising, as it is after all, a gym… but it’s still gross. On those days, I wear peppermint chapstick. Can’t smell anything but my upper lip that way :-)

  2. Lupo Grigio Says:

    I forgot to mention that I’ve had some bad insomniac nights, and I ate more than I should those nights, so I gained back some of my lost weight. :-( I am still down more than 6.5 pounds.

    • henniemavis Says:

      Oh, I’m sorry :-( but it’s great that you are still having overall success. Three steps forward, one step back — it’s still good progress! You just reminded me that I have not reported another 2 lbs. lost. That will help me have something to blog about today! Good thing there are only 2 days left of Janathon. I’m running out of blog fodder!

  3. CJ Morgan Says:

    You’re in the home stretch now. Make these last two days good ones.

  4. plustenner Says:

    cute! looks just like my cat :)

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