Day 28: Smart TV, Netflix & Free Coffee


FREE coffee, woo hoo!

Today’s blogpost will be brief. Not because I’m tired or it’s late. It’ll be brief because I’m royally distracted. My husband decided to spontaneously purchase the Mother of all Smart TVs, a Blu-ray DVD player & a Netflix On-Demand subscription last Friday. He’s got all that hooked up & tricked out. I’m still kinda stunned. My first reaction was “Where on earth are we going to put it?” but by now, I’ve had some time to adjust to the idea. I’d rather be making a movie list than blogging… so…

Today’s Janathon fitness report: 7 mi. ride on the Expresso bike (route called “Apple Grinder” which features autumnal Vermont scenery), then 15 min. stretching afterward.

Other exciting news: After belonging to my gym for 13 mo., I just learned from another patron that members are entitled to free coffee at the little cafe in the lobby! Had my first cup today (shown above).

That’s all, folks. I’ll be working on my personal Netflix Movie Queue now, so if you have film suggestions, please consider voicing them in a comment below. Thank God this home-cinema stuff showed up near the end of Janathon — if he’d brought it home 3 weeks ago, I’d have been  in serious self-motivational trouble!


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4 Responses to “Day 28: Smart TV, Netflix & Free Coffee”

  1. shazruns Says:

    You know when someone asks you your fav movie and your mind goes blank well tat just happened to me! Anyway I got to thinking I must recommend a British Film that is not too old and came up with this released last year ‘the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

  2. abradypus Says:

    Passion Fish.

  3. CJ Morgan Says:

    First season of “Downton Abbey” is on Netflix. Knowing you, you’ll get so caught up, you’ll watch all seven episodes in 24 hours.

  4. henniemavis Says:

    Thank you for these suggestions, everyone!
    @shaz: I looked, but this one is not available online thru my plan, it’s only on DVD so far… & I don’t have that plan, so I will have to wait til the movie is a little older. They may, however, have the DVD at my local library for FREE :-)
    @abrady: Ooo, this one IS available online thru my plan. I may watch it tonight, in fact!
    @CJ: HA! Yes, well, I hope you weren’t planning on hearing from me this weekend, cuz I might have plans for a non-stop popcorn fest with the Crawleys :-)

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