Day 27: Birdie Love & Extra Miles

FeederWindowTwo days ago, I reported my weekly running total as 7.5 mi. for the week. Turns out, I was premature because I went to the gym today & ran 3.25 mi. more — a new longest-run-of-the-month! That brings my weekly total to 10.75 mi. I’m pleased with that. Icing foot now. I’ll foam-roller my legs right after a nice bubblebath. What a nice weekend I’ve had :-)

Today’s photos are of my window-view bird feeder. I have a thing about birds. I love to watch them. When we first moved here, the feeder was right outside the bedroom window, so I could wake up to the birds on it. But that tree split & fell in a storm, so the feeder had to be moved here, just outside the livingroom window. There’s a small table by this window, so I can sit there & see them eating while I’m having lunch or working on a table-enabled project.

ChickadeesYesterday, I looked out to see these chickadees & a nuthatch. As I stepped closer to the window, I saw some bigger birds underneath — a flock of turkeys who come by often in winter, when food is scarce. There is one particular turkey who will come very close if we throw cracked corn on the doorstep. She will almost eat from our hand… but not quite.



The nearly-tame female, having some corn snacks.

The nearly-tame female, having some corn snacks.


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2 Responses to “Day 27: Birdie Love & Extra Miles”

  1. abradypus Says:

    Turkeys at the bird feeder – wow!

  2. abradypus Says:

    PS – excellent rounding up to 3.25 miles ;-)

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