Day 26: What Lovely Wool Coats You Have


8 °F (-13 °C)

I fit in an outdoor walk this afternoon, despite a socially busy weekend. I chose a walk because a.) my foot recovery prohibits running 2 consecutive days, and b.) I didn’t feel like driving to the gym. I rallied my inner will & got bundled up to head out into the same single-digit temps we’ve had all week. I intended to walk 4 miles, but when I hit one mile, I was so cold & out of sorts. My inner will failed at that point & I turned back — thus, it was a 2 mi. walk only.

I ducked into our neighbors sheep shed on the way home, to warm myself visit & gossip with the ladies, who were plenty warm in their wool coats & straw beds. This lamb seems to have doubled in size since I first saw him just a week ago! I thought warmly of the many sheep I have seen in fellow Janathoner’s blogs, but especially of jovialgnome, who’s made quite a show of all-sheep, all-the-time! Perhaps he will tell me what kind of sheep these are? I believe my neighbor once told me the sheep with black faces are “Shropshire” (pronounced “shrop-sheer”), but I don’t know the ones with white fleecy faces?


Pull-on ice grippers

Here’s a virtual tour of the walk, if you’d like to join me? We got a dusting of snow last night, making the icy patches on the road difficult to see. I wore my pull-on ice grippers to insure against slips or falls.






My mitten is in lower left, to give scale to this boulder!

My dark blue mitten is in lower left foreground, to give scale to this boulder.

So those were some scenes from my walk. Next, some views of our neighboring ewes (and a few young males too):


Daily Janathon done — we just ran skittishly to the back of our pen! It counts.



These girls are a tame bunch & will allow patting of heads.


What?! No roadside apple or clover today?


Mama listened as I praised her sweet baby.

That’s all for today, & just under the wire too, as it’s now midnight. No need to count sheep tonight. I’m tired enough to drop off easily. Goodnight!


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3 Responses to “Day 26: What Lovely Wool Coats You Have”

  1. plustenner Says:

    great photos!

  2. Lupo Grigio Says:

    What fun! I love that road and those sheep. I walked a half hour yesterday and then shoveled for 15 minutes. I’m going out shortly, for today.

    I had a wee slip off my diet at lunch today, though! :-(
    PS. WTG!

  3. JovialGnome Says:

    Alas I’m no expert but I think your neighbour is correct with the Shropshires (Suffolks have black faces but a much more ‘Roman’ nose!) The white ones look very similar to my Ryelands but could also be Southdowns – it’s a lot easier to tell when they have a full fleece.

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