Day 25: Cold Day, Warm Hair

Another boring treadmill run: 2.5 miles sandwiched between 1/4 mi. each warm-up & cooldown walks. This brings my weekly total to 7.5 miles. That’s the most I’ve run in a single week since last January. It also gives me 4 runs this week, not just 3, so I’ve exceeded my Jantastic team pledge. My foot feels better than it has in over a year. I think this means I’m officially back in the game!

It’s possible I could decide to run a little more on Sunday, if the moods strikes. I know I won’t go tomorrow tho, as my husband is entertaining a weekend guest plus I have a retirement dinner to attend. I won’t want to be bothered driving to the gym, nor running outside. I’m not sure how I will handle Janathon, in fact, but I’ll deal with that tomorrow.

BlowdryerMeNot much else going on today, so in honor of Running Goth posting her recent cut, I’ll post my hair. I took this self-portrait today, in my car after the gym. I’d have shot indoors, except we’re not allowed to have cell phones out in the locker rooms. (Management is concerned that people would take nude photos of patrons for exploitation. Yikes, I’d never even thought of that!) In summer, I let my hair simply air-dry & it goes all curly. But in bitter cold like we’ve been having (still single digits), I blowdry it — more for the pleasant warmth than for the style. I could stand under the dryer for a very long time… but that might be weird. More weird than how I want to see if I can toast marshmallows on the heating grate in the sauna. Yeah, that kinda thing would give management something new to worry about :-)


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3 Responses to “Day 25: Cold Day, Warm Hair”

  1. plustenner Says:

    hair looks good!

  2. Catherine Says:

    :) good hair shot! I oftern use my hairdryer to warm up my feet!

  3. Lupo Grigio Says:

    Everything is warm but my hair! Keith took a picture of me with my braids frozen solid. Brrr. May post it later. PS, keep up the good work.

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