Day 23: Nothing “Beets” A Pre-Borscht Dinner Run


BeetsStoveToday’s leisure activities were productive. We do count a nice Jantastic Janathon run just before cooking a delish diet dinner as “leisure”, right? The above photo of a “handpuppet owl” made from a Chioggia beet & my fingers is proof that I’ve gone mad on this crazy low calorie diet I was definitely having fun this afternoon :-)

On the fitness front, I ran 3 continuous miles at 9:40 pace on the gym treadmill, sandwiched between 1/4 mi. walk each for warm-up & cooldown. I then stretched out & did a series of abdominal exercises, just for good measure. My foot is a little stiff so I’m icing now, as I sit blogging from my laptop. I should be completely fine by morning.

BeetHandsThe only thing that was difficult about today’s run was boredom. I remember now why I once preferred outdoor runs over treadmill, even in winter, for anything over a 2 mi. distance. It’s nice when you’re actually going somewhere. Music is all well & good, but changing scenery passes the time easier after 2 mi. & distracts me from the monotony of my own footfalls or taxed breathing. I’d like to think going outdoors would be that easy again, but whoa, I’m very out of practice motivating on that level. Jack Frost has thrown down one bitch of a gauntlet. The temp rose to 8 °F (-13 °C) earlier today, but right now, it’s a brisk -2 °F (-19 °C). Tomorrow will be a no-run, rest day — meaning I’ll choose to row, bike or swim to give my heels a break. Lemme tell ya, the sauna afterward is already sounding ideal! If this cold snap is still on for Friday’s run, all bet’s are off.

BeetBorschtOn to dinner: In order to keep myself from getting as bored with low-cal food as I do on a treadmill, I’ve been cooking more creatively. Low-cal must be interesting & tasty, or I’ll resort to chips. We have a ton of beets still in storage from last fall’s crop (both colorful Chioggia beets & traditional Crimson Globe beets). We also have storage onions, carrots, garlic & home-canned tomatoes. Borscht was meant to be! The only ingredient I didn’t have on hand (or in the freezer) was fresh dill, which I bought at the market whilst driving home from the gym. Oh, and I ignored the sour cream garnish for caloric reasons, but substituted non-fat Greek yogurt instead. Winner, winner, yummy dinner!


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6 Responses to “Day 23: Nothing “Beets” A Pre-Borscht Dinner Run”

  1. naturalgreentherapy Says:

    Those beetroots look amazing and the borscht you made even nicer. I’m putting those on our list of seeds to get this year. Well done with the three miles at 9.40. That’s one for me to aim at – my tempo run yesterday was 3 miles at 10.48.

    • henniemavis Says:

      The Chioggia beets are lovely but I should warn you: they turn solid red (stained) when cooked! Only raw are they “striped”. You can shave them thinly raw as a pretty garnish or on a green salad tho, & they taste delish. Re: your tempo run, that is more my preferred pace, as it would allow chatting with a new friend ;-)

      • naturalgreentherapy Says:

        I haven’t done a tempo run before and had to google it on a few sites. As a way of measuring they suggest that you take 3 steps on the out breath and 2 on the in breath. I couldn’t even manage that walking slowly without hyperventilating!

  2. abradypus Says:

    Three miles on the treadmill deserves a reward of some kind. I just hope that for you the reward comes in the form of a healed foot.

  3. Chrisruns180 Says:

    Nice cooking, better than tandoori :-)

  4. shazruns Says:

    That’s the trouble with beet you always end up looking like you have killed someone or something

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