Day 22: What’s Old is New

I barely feel it on me!

Clips to my shirt, weighs nothing

Was hoping for enough leeway to bag a 2 mi. run before strength-training class, but only got to the gym in time to run 1 mile. At least I could crank along freely — for me, a 9:14 pace — with no fear of power loss tripping me up (see Day 21). Brief as it was, my run felt great!

A recent spirit boost (besides that my foot is holding up nicely) is my “new” iPod ShuffleI love it. I say “new” but I’ve had it for 13 months & never used it. Here’s the “what’s old” part of today’s headline: me! I’m a dinosaur when it comes to music technology (oh alright, any technology). No iTunes. No playlists. No smart phone. I ran for a whole year without music, until a fit-wise friend gave me a portable media device (Trio). Even then, I listened exclusively to songs he’d preloaded for me.

Pathetic, homemade “armband” for my well-loved Trio media player

The only downside to the Trio was its size: a little bigger than an iPod Nano, so I could never find an armband to fit… which meant unless I had a pocket to put it in (never, in summer running duds), I had to jerry-rig it to my wrist with a giant hairband!


Barely bigger than a quarter!

The same friend then told me about the Shuffle. I bought one immediately (only $40), but never got around to learning how to download iTunes… um, until last month. Hey, better late than never! Another friend had given me an iTunes gift card, which I can now use to buy songs. I am so lucky to be surrounded by thoughtful, tech-savvy & generous friends. Just look at this wonderful wee thing! I don’t need an armband cuz the built-in clip attaches to my shirt, shorts or skirt. It’s barely bigger than a quarter & only twice as thick. It weighs nothing. I’m told it holds approx. 250 songs (I’m up to 45, I think). It’s so AWESOME! I read that the iPod Shuffle is Dean Karnazes‘s music device of choice. Hey, good enough for me then, huh?

And lastly, here what’s really funny to me. As music goes, I like classical, smooth jazz, bluesy stuff, some alternative rock. Pretty tame stuff that’s great for driving, while I’m at work or busy cooking dinner. But oh, when I run, my taste in music is… different. I can’t really get motivated to run to smooth jazz. Running makes me want some rap or hip hop or Latino dance music. There, I said it. Running is me & not me at the same time. Maybe that’s why I like it.

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4 Responses to “Day 22: What’s Old is New”

  1. Lesley Boniface (@lilbeeloo67) Says:

    Love the colour of your shuffle x glad to hear the foot’s bearing up x

  2. CJ Morgan Says:

    bring this tune to the next rave you drop in on

  3. plustenner Says:

    i have that one on my playlist too!

  4. Catherine Says:

    I have a classic iPod for running – there isn’t a headband thats going to keep that attached to my arm but I’m not upgrading it!! My running music it totally random with some stuff on it that I would NEVER listen to otherwise… the joy of running :)

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