Day 21: Pathetic Run, Impressive Bread

A friend called to say she’s got physical therapy at my gym today (my gym is affiliated with a hospital), did I wanna carpool with her, as we haven’t seen each other since before Christmas? I agreed.

The Plan: her PT appt. would be 1/2 hr. in the pool, giving me enough time to run 2 mi. on a treadmill & stretch out, without making her wait… then we’d leave together & run some errands in town before heading home. It was a great plan.

She drove us to the gym, we changed in the locker room. She went to the pool while I headed to a treadmill & started a warm-up walk, soon amping the speed to a run. One of the floor attendants came over… uh oh. Turns out, they were discouraging treadmill running for safety reasons, as the hospital was testing its power generators! The electricity would cut out briefly, as they tested the switchover from grid to generator & back again. So… if I were running, the treadmill would suddenly stop-then-restart, or just stop altogether. They weren’t sure how jarring it would be?

Great. On the one day I’ve a half hour limit & I’m scheduled to do my Jantastic weekly Run #1. Any other day, I might have been Janathoning on the bikes, the rowing machine, taking a class — none of which could hurt me if they stopped abruptly.

I whined a little, jokingly offered to sign a waiver to run at my own risk. A hospital gym is crawling with doctors & nurses exercising between shifts. There’s even a gurney parked under the stairs. If you’re gonna have a painful accident requiring emergency medical attention, my gym is a great place to do it :-)

We compromised. I ran a little longer (got in a mile), then switched to a walk & waited for the scheduled blip — which didn’t happen — so after a 1/2 mi. walk, I started running again. Nervously. With no incline. At a cautious 10:00 pace. With my hands resting lightly on the side rails.

Ran like that for another 1/2 mi., still nothing. Finally, I had to bail, as my friend’s appt. was over. Once in the locker room, the power blacked out for 5 secs. If we’d arrived 3o min. earlier or 30 min. later, I’d have had my perfectly planned run. Fate ruined it. Yeah, yeah, I know I could have tried running again later, outdoors from my house… but I didn’t. Sometimes you gotta believe the Universe knows what it’s doing & just move on. Tomorrow’s a new day :-)

And now — because this calorie-restricted diet is killing me — the biggest naan I’ve ever eaten! Akbar’s in Leeds, UK. This is their small order of naan. You should see the large (think doormat). If you like good Indian curry, you won’t be disappointed. (Thanks to Mark for sending us there. Photo credit: my naan-sharing, UK-vacation-sharing sister.)


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4 Responses to “Day 21: Pathetic Run, Impressive Bread”

  1. abradypus Says:

    OMG it’s huge!

  2. JogBlog Says:

    How is that a small naan?!!

  3. Lupo Grigio Says:

    MMMMm I love Naan and never get any. Keep up the good work (or in some cases, the runnus-interruptus.)

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