Day 19: Lazy But Compliant Saturday

TeaChipCamI was feeling very lazy today, after yesterday’s cap off to my exercise week. A decadent Friday evening out didn’t help. I slept til 9am this morning, then proceeded to futz around in my pajamas til noon. I did very little most of the day, with the exception of some household chores. I couldn’t be bothered driving to the gym, so biking, swimming, rowing, ARC trainer were all ruled out. When faced with the cold, cloudy outdoors this time of year, I have only the choices of running (nope, won’t do it 2 consecutive days yet), snowshoe-hiking (too lazy to “gear up”) & walking — bingo!

I took a short walk out the road & back, totaling 2 miles, then came in & had tea. Not as nice a tea as shown above, tho, which was served to me at the Bantam Tea Room in Chipping Campden last June. I had my very first scones w/clotted cream there. And my first Bakewell tart… because I couldn’t decide which, so oh yes, I had both! Mmmm, totally worth it.

Disclaimer: If you’re currently on a calorie-restricted diet, I cannot be held responsible for your misery or distress if you click on the photo below to see it larger :-)



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4 Responses to “Day 19: Lazy But Compliant Saturday”

  1. runrencerun Says:

    Bakewell tart, & clotted cream scones – nobody could choose between the two, one of each is the only way to go!

  2. shazruns Says:

    So glad you got to have a Bakewell Tart when you wherein the uk. The are my fav, unlike the cream tea which I just can’t eat!

  3. plustenner Says:

    that DOES look good – drooling on keyboard :)

  4. henniemavis Says:

    I see I have some fellow tea-goodie fans, yum. The “clotted cream” brought to mind clotted arteries, I’m sorry to say — but that didn’t stop me :-)

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