Day 18: Happy Sticky Toffee Friday!


Sticky Toffee Pudding
Photo credit: my dessert-sharing England vacation-sharing sister

Did my weekly Run #3 for my Jantastic team today, which also counts toward Janathon. Love those twofers! I’m rushed to finish this post, as I’m just in & must get ready to dash off to dinner at the local tavern in about 15 min., then out to see Lincoln, which should be great. Yes, I hear Daniel Day-Lewis is spectacular & I do like him, but I’m really a closet fan of Tommy Lee Jones :-)

Ran 2.25 mi. uninterrupted on the gym treadmill @9:22 pace. Walked 1/4 mi. each in front & back (warm-up/cooldown), then ab exercises & stretching on the mat. Dipped into the therapy pool for 15 min., to use the jets for calf massage & general relaxation. Then had a 75 min. deep tissue massage. I had today off, can you tell? I love my massage therapist, Dottie Cullinane of New Life Massage & Bodywork — shameless plug, but seriously, I am hooked enough that I see her once every 4 to 6 weeks, that’s how great she is :-)

I ran 6.5 mi. this week. I’ve run 13 mi. for the month. I have not run that much in any given week or month since LAST January, 2012, just before my foot injury became debilitating. It’s so wonderful to be (mostly) painfree now! I am having a banner Friday, can you tell? Happy weekend, everyone!

Postscript: Didn’t get this posted before I left. Back home now. Lincoln was great, Tommy Lee Jones was great. The tavern had, of all things, Sticky Toffee Pudding & it was great!


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One Response to “Day 18: Happy Sticky Toffee Friday!”

  1. abradypus Says:

    Mmmmm. Sticky toffee pudding. Almost as fabulous as you being able to run pain free. But not quite.

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