Day 17: Planning to Get Creative

Rode 10.25 mi. on my favorite Expresso bike at the gym. Today’s route, complete with desert scenes of cactus & Western ghost towns, was called “Outlaw Rock”. I rode to the top of a mesa & back down. Know what grates me about the gym bikes? There’s no “coasting” when it shows a declining elevation. I still have to pedal, hard! In real life, you can whir downhill with no effort whatsoever. And where’s the breeze? What’s the point of a “downhill” if there’s no rest & no wind in my face? I guess that’s what you get with fake scenery. I miss summer, when I was riding outdoors for real.


Anyway, that was Janathon, just one of many things I’m concentrating on. Calorie reduction, getting more sleep & running/fitness efforts are going pretty well for 2013. In keeping with my other new goals, I’m starting to approach #s 7, 8 & 9. As a reminder, they were:

7. Declutter my office/studio/house (dump excess possessions)
8. Practice piano 2 hrs. per week
9. Make something artistic once a month

WoodstoveSketchWhile reorganizing (& purging) a closet in the house, I found a pile of my sketchbook journals. I haven’t been sketching regularly in over a year now. That seems strange to say. Fitness has overtaken the time slot to which sketching used to belong? I’m really looking forward to carving out time for artistic & musical endeavors again. How will I fit all this into my life? Especially when I’m supposed to be focusing on #6 too: “Get 8 hrs. of sleep 5x a week (go to bed earlier).” Oh my goodness, this is going to get interesting :-)


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4 Responses to “Day 17: Planning to Get Creative”

  1. abradypus Says:

    Wow! Fabulous sketches :-)

  2. Lupo Grigio Says:

    WTG keeping up with the exercise. I always love your art. Hard to believe yr not doing it. I need to do my “goals and resoltuins! AK! Oh, I forgot to mention that I walked yesterday about 45 minutes–it was VERY COLD.

  3. plustenner Says:

    you are amazing!!! I can’t even draw a stick man

  4. LK Hattinen Says:

    Love the tree over the stone wall :)

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