Day 14: Chicken Boots Cure the Muddy Blues

Weather was very warm again today (55 °F), but it was windy & muddy. I wasn’t in the mood to deal with deep mud (ours is a 1.5 mi. dirt road), so I drove to the gym. The treadmill is boring, yes, but climate controlled. I zoned out to music & just got the job done.

ChickenBootsToday’s interval was 1/4 mi. warm-up walk, then solid 2 mi. run (9:40 pace), then 1/4 mi. walk for cooldown. I’m excited. It was a good run with no foot pain, tho I did notice that I am overly focused on how I distribute my weight as my left foot strikes. I wonder if I am favoring my right foot in order to protect my left one? I hope not. My knees & hips seem fine so far. As I increase distance, we’ll see what happens… or once I transition back to outdoor running (ie. killer hills)?

I’m not going to worry about that now, tho. Right now, I’m celebrating a straight 2 miles! And I’m posting this photo of my favorite chicken-print mud boots for reluctantrunner, who yesterday posted some lovely floral print boots with wedge heels. Cheers, Janathon comrade!

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8 Responses to “Day 14: Chicken Boots Cure the Muddy Blues”

  1. paigesato Says:

    LOVE the boots!

  2. Lupo Grigio Says:

    GREAT BOOTS and congrats for keeping up the good work! I walked 46 minutes today.

  3. RunToInspire Says:

    chicken boots!!

  4. lottabottle Says:

    love those boots

  5. abradypus Says:

    Great boots – I’m choosing to imagine that you wore them during your treadmill session :)

  6. henniemavis Says:

    Yes, these boots are really fun & so me :-) I can’t claim credit for finding them tho, as I am a terrible shopper. They were a gift from a friend!

  7. Chrisruns180 Says:

    I’ll have to get some!

  8. Jilly Says:

    Fabulous boots! I do believe they rival my own :) Thank you for the mention, and great run!

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