Day 12: Longest Virtual Bikeride to Date


Today’s workout was biking. I rode a new virtual route on the Expresso bike @the gym, my longest ride to date — Temple Ridge, 13.5 miles! Yes, “ridge” means there was hill riding. The summary at the end said I burned 550 cal., so I think I’ll have some popcorn while watch a movie on my laptop tonight :-)

EggsBennyBrocOther things I did this weekend: soaked & pruned my geraniums, to start their new growth for the spring season. Make & eat more variations of Eggs Benedict (salmon & broccoli version shown here). Did laundry. Washed dishes. Spent time reading & puttering. Domestic weekends are so restful & nice sometimes.


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2 Responses to “Day 12: Longest Virtual Bikeride to Date”

  1. Catherine Henderson (@runninggoth) Says:

    Am having a similar quiet-weekend-at-home :) it is rather nice for a change. Good Janathon-ing!

  2. plustenner Says:

    yum! that looks so tasty :) (the eggs Benedict not the geraniums!)

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