Day 11: Up with the Sun


Good morning, Sunshine! This is why I don’t have curtain or shades on my bedroom window. Can you hear Edvard Grieg’s Morning? That’s nice, but I’m more of a Ray Charles’s Oh, What A Beautiful Morning kinda girl. My head was still on my pillow @7:05am when I took this pic. Last night, I actually got 8 hrs. of sleep. First time this year. I did it! Serious sleep is on my 2013 goals list & it’s harder than I thought. I have to force myself to stop puttering around with fun things in the evenings & actually GET IN BED early enough to get the 8 hrs. down time.

The 11th day of Janathon, yes, but today was also to be Run#3 of the week, in compliance with my Jantastic commitment. Tandem fitness challenges — must remember to log my act in both arenas (went & did now, so I don’t forget). I usually do my exercise in the late afternoon, but had plans then & this evening, so I stopped at the gym mid-morning, just long enough to do my treadmill training run: 1/4 mi. warmup walk, 3/4 mi. run, 1/4 W, 3/4 R, 1/4 W, 3/4 R, then 1/4 W cooldown. Total running of 2.25 mi., total walking of 1 mi. All went well.

Tonight, we’re going out for Mexican food with another couple. My plan is to bring home half of my enchiladas (lunch tomorrow?), but it will be difficult because I am famished. Dieting is a such a bummer! I have to keep telling myself I will be happiest in the end to reach my goal weight… but oh, hot gooey cheese is the ultimate temptation.


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3 Responses to “Day 11: Up with the Sun”

  1. abradypus Says:

    That’s so pretty!

  2. plustenner Says:

    How gorgeous is that sunrise? Enjoy the meal!

  3. JogBlog Says:

    Lovely view!

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