Day 10: Joyriding on Bikes & Trains

Today was a designated rest day from running, so I biked at the gym instead. I chose a 12.2 mi. virtual route called “Vindicator” — who names these rides anyway? HA! Love those Expresso bikes. Combined with a little Latin music, I can really crank. I was feeling a little weak near the end tho, as my calorie-deprivation will take some getting used to. I really hate trying to tweak my diet, but I think losing some weight will exert less pressure on my feet & help with fending off foot pain? Might increase my run speed, too, if I can stay muscle-strong while ditching some fat. Only one way to find out…

EggsBennyBeen reviewing methods of food management along this line. Reduce overall calories, cut back on carbs, slight increase in lean protein, reduce processed sugars, blah blah blah. I did decide that if I’m going to eat less, I’m going to go all out on what I do eat. I made a nice breakfast for myself: 1 whole egg w/an added egg white (extra protein) on half a toasted whole wheat muffin, diced tomato, fresh minced parsley w/light Hollandaise. A variation on Eggs Benedict, which I love. So dee-lish! You can’t see the 2 clementines & black coffee I already consumed. If I cook & eat creatively, I won’t get annoyed by lack of food volume, right? If that doesn’t work, Jo has graciously reminded me that arms make lovely protein snacks, om nom nom :-)

Another silly England vacay pic below. My sister has a thing for photographing signs. Click the photo to enlarge, if you can’t read the sign. I saw this on the train. Smartass humor trumps respect, apparently. (I swear, my feet were there only briefly!)



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8 Responses to “Day 10: Joyriding on Bikes & Trains”

  1. jo(e) Says:

    Just reading this makes me think I need to get back into an exercise routine. I’m such a slug over the holidays ….

    • henniemavis Says:

      Does your gym have Expresso bikes we could ride together from afar? Sadly, it may be the only way we can be gym buddies :-) (FYI, my piano playing’s on the decline, so you got me there)

  2. Michelle S Says:

    Like the nail polish….Is Eddie at the cat hotel?

    • henniemavis Says:

      No, Eddie’s home with me. My trip to England was 7 months ago. I am only posting photos now for fun, as a theme to amuse myself, as opposed to Janathon blog pics of pics of sneakers, running gear, etc. (I started posting England vacay pics on Day 6)

  3. Shaz Says:

    Good brekkie, naughty feet on seat

  4. notmuchofarunner Says:

    ‘Vindicator’ is so called so you don’t feel guilty about that take-away meal.

  5. Melting…….Grumpy….Grump!! | Run Tonto Run…… Says:

    […] are similar to the vindicator program that Heidi was talking about on day ten of her […]

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