Day 9: Biting the Bullet = 0 Calories


I won’t be showing any gourmet restaurant food photos tonight, as I’ve bitten the bullet & started calorie-deprivation today. No sense torturing myself, so how about some English scenery instead? If anyone knows this building, please say so. I don’t remember what, but do remember where — I took this photo in the town of Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Meanwhile, here’s my Janathon/Jantastic combo report. I had designated today for Jantastic weekly Run#2, but forgot I had also committed to a morning walk with a friend… so I did double-duty, of course :-) First, a 4 mi. walk w/Teres at 7:30am. Brrrr! it was only 21 °F (-6 °C) outside. I’m not ashamed to say I went to the gym for my run later. Once there, I did another interval walk-run gig on the treadmill, per my “slow build-up” plan to go easy on my foot as it recovers. I walked 1/4 mi., ran 1/2 mi., repeated that twice but for the last run segment, I went 3/4 mi., then ending with a 1/4 mi. walk cooldown… so I walked a total of 1 mi. & ran a total of 1.75 mi. (runs were @10:00 pace). I could have easily kept going, but I forced a stop, per my plan. Ironically, the only things hurting were my biceps & chest from yesterday’s strength training class! After the treadmill, I stretched completely. I am icing my foot now. I still have to foam roller & stair-stretch my feet before bed, but I will, I swear.

BeckyHarrogateNow, back to Harrogate. My sister & I trained there one afternoon while staying in Leeds, planning to have dinner, then catch the train back. It was lovely weather so we did a bit of sightseeing, stopped to rest in Valley Gardens (jet lag) & finally ate at William & Victoria (which was divine). In our hasty return to the station, we misread our street map & were soon lost! Worried now we might miss our train, we stopped a woman on the street for directions. She was on her way home from the market, but insisted she walk us right to the station, tho it was certainly out of her way. She would not be deterred from this kindness, so we insisted upon helping to carry her bags. After a quick photo op, we thanked her & hurried to our platform in time. She was just one of many kind people we met on our travels :-)


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8 Responses to “Day 9: Biting the Bullet = 0 Calories”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I would probably have walked you to the station too. Mainly because I can’t give directions very well! Harrogate is beautiful but I can’t remember what building is in your picture.

  2. Shaz Says:

    I love the fact you found us Brits helpful as I would assume this is not the case and I always find North Americans very friendly, hospitable and more than willing to help you out if lost

    • henniemavis Says:

      Well, technically, she was born Canadian (& her Dad lived in Colorado USA currently), so she may not count as a Brit? Only 2 hours earlier, however, a true Harrogate woman on her dogwalk stopped voluntarily to ask if we needed help, when she saw us puzzling over our map. We were trying to decide upon a good restaurant so she recommended 3 options — one of which was William & Victoria. Her advice was sound!

  3. Ballookey Says:

    I don’t know what the building’s called, but I found it on the Google Maps in the Harrogate town(e) center. ;)

  4. Shannon Says:

    Why don’t I have a copy of that circular building picture? I thought you shared all your shots with me. Speaking of Harrogate, isn’t that the town where we took the picture of the “BEWARE: ELDERLY” sign?

    • henniemavis Says:

      You should have that pic. It’s on the CD I sent, but my pics aren’t as neatly organized as yours, oops. Yes, I laughed when I saw the sign cautioning the nearby public about elderly people. You should do a blog of funny signage. Shall I send you the pic I took in the Denver airport of “restrooms/tornado shelters”?

      • Shannon Says:

        Several of the pics wouldn’t open, so I guess it’s one of those. I could totally do a blog of signage if I thought it would interest anyone but me. I have a 15-year collection!

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