Day 8: Lofty 2013 Goals Declared


Tonight’s photo: my sister & I on the plane to England. Yes, we were excited. Yes, it’s a long flight. Yes, we looked exactly like this for the entire flight. (The shared neck pillow was a failed attempt at sleep.)

OK, I’m outing my goals for 2013. But first, my Janathon report: I rode 5.5 mi. on my virtual bike at the gym. My bike! Mine! After the ride, I went into an hour long strength training class that mixes cardio action (jumping, aerobic &/or boxing moves) w/hand weights & mat exercise. I’ve attended this class often over the past year, but today’s session totally kicked my ass (that’s “arse” for my British pals). It’s a regular Tues. PM class, but since Christmas & New Year’s both fell on Tuesdays (gym was closed), we all had a nice rest for ourselves. Which we paid for dearly. Because our instructor (Joan = awesome) used her break to draft a new format for us. We could barely keep up! I already know I am going to be sore tomorrow. Really intense workout. We pissed & moaned to each other, but afterward, we were glad for the beating — sadistic devils that we are :-)

Janathon, check. Today was my rest day from running. Tomorrow I do weekly run #2 for Jantastic. That’s right, another fitness challenge! More on that in a future post. Let’s get to my 2013 goals [click here for trumpet fanfare]…

1. Reinstate 3x per week runs, without escalating my plantar fasciitis!
2. If that goes well, train for distance again (run some 10Ks this summer)
3. If that goes well, do my first half marathon (Swanzey Covered Bridges Half)
4. Learn to swim freestyle (front crawl stroke)
5. Lose 20 lbs.
6. Get 8 hrs. of sleep 5x a week (go to bed earlier)
7. Declutter my office/studio/house (dump excess possessions)
8. Practice piano 2 hrs. per week
9. Make something artistic once a month
10. Invite a new friend (or “long-lost” one) to tea/lunch once a month

There! The first 6 are directly fitness/health related, but in my opinion, all will work to improve my life. They’ll all be challenging to achieve, too. Tomorrow, I will work on #1. Tomorrow, I will start on #5. But right now, I’m going to get a last-hurrah bowl of ice cream, hunker down on the couch with a book I just got at the library tonight & very soon, try for #6! Goodnight :-)


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7 Responses to “Day 8: Lofty 2013 Goals Declared”

  1. notmuchofarunner Says:

    I think you might want to check with your ‘British Pals’ their understanding of the phrase ‘pissed and moaned’ too… ;-)
    Great photo, by the way.

    • henniemavis Says:

      What are you, chopped liver? Speak up, British pal! I just remembered that “pissed” means drunk, but I’m afraid to ask if “moaned” means something different in UK? Idioms are tricky :-)

  2. notmuchofarunner Says:

    … and what a great set of goals! Good luck with those.

  3. travellinghopefully Says:

    I love the non-fitness goals – they sound suspiciously familiar…

  4. abradypus Says:

    I need to do both #6 and #7.

    If you have any tips on how to achieve them, I’m all ears.

  5. Mary Stebbins Taitt Says:

    YAY! Congrats on your continuing progress, you lofty goals and you fun and silly picture!!!! :-D

  6. plustenner Says:

    great goals!

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