Day 3: Getting Closer to Reasonable Goals


So very tired tonight. Here’s Eddie demonstrating how I feel, while sacked out under our coffee table on Sunday’s New York Times. This photo illustrates other things, too. Like how cats really know how to look wiped. And how lousy I am at tidying up after a long weekend.

Unlike Eddie, my exhaustion is partly from putting some real effort back into fitness this week & partly due to a solid month of eating holiday treats. While riding the Expresso bike at the gym today (undulating 10.6 mi. route called Thunderball), my mind drifted. I’m getting closer to making a 2013 goals list. Earlier today I noticed some fellow blogs which feature clearly outlined goals — not just for Janathon, but for the year & beyond (I thank plustenner for her fine example!). I like the idea of just laying some things down. Some short term, some long term, some more easily achievable than others. I will try to distill a reasonable list for myself by this weekend. Ten goals or less, kept simple… a pass-fail test for the end of this year? We’ll see.

No movies on the gym TVs tonight, so I had no aging actors to string me along. After biking, I started on the full body ARC trainer for a bit, but changed my mind for a shower after burning just 125 calories, which would bring me to a nice, even 600 burned this workout session. Unfortunately, I may have reloaded double that when, after a modest healthy dinner at home, I ate handful after handful of mint-caramel popcorn while beating my husband handily at chess. Good thing the game didn’t last longer — I may have finished the bag!

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6 Responses to “Day 3: Getting Closer to Reasonable Goals”

  1. notmuchofarunner Says:

    I was reading your blog and thought, “oh she has done day 3 already. Must be the time difference.” Followed swiftly by a thought I cannot type.
    Well done on your calorie controlled chess victory. Maybe I should eat as I run … so the faster I run, the fewer calories I consume…thus providing extra incentive… (more likely I will end up in the middle of a field, munching my way through a family sized variety pack of crisps!)

  2. plustenner Says:

    Good luck! I am a bit over the top with the way I plan things, but if I don’t set myself goals, I will not exercise :) If I am not training for something, I keep putting runs off – having goals is the only way I manage to make myself do something LOL

  3. Michelle S Says:

    Love Eddie.
    I am sure he thinks he has done plenty enough to warrant being tired..:) I know Mr puss puss (our Ginger) thinks in that manner.
    Had to laugh at the ‘vindicator” of day you said, you gotta wonder who dreams up these names? So did it vindicate?
    lol….Hope you are enjoying England…Devon and Cornwall are lovely..

    • henniemavis Says:

      I did enjoy UK very much (my trip was last June). Wish I had been able to get to Cornwall! Many people told me that is one of the prettiest places in all of England.

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