Day 2: Combatting Ho-Ho-Holiday Chub

TreeTopper‘Twas the night before Christmas & Santa wasn’t the only one with a round little belly that shook with a laugh like a bowlful of jelly. In honor of a little holiday weight gain & a laugh, I give you a photo of my tree & its homemade “star”. Did I mention I love chickens? Yes, I have a chicken tree topper.

Today, I went back to the gym, to help reverse some of that seasonal excess. First time I’ve been there since the week before Christmas. As I drove up, I saw I should brace myself for flexibility of mind not body. The parking lot was packed. I had forgotten that New Year’s resolutioners will now be vying for the machines, the classes, the pool. Consequently, I may have to jockey for good parking, a locker or the machine of my choice. It may help if I get there well before 5pm, at least for the next 3 weeks? I’ll try that tomorrow.

Today’s Janathon achievement totalled 10.8 mi. on the Expresso bike (yes, I still love those virtual bikes!) & 3.2 mi. walking on a treadmill. I had intended to do only a short bikeride, but got hooked on a movie. This has never happened before. I usually listen to music, or occasionally watch part of a sporting event (baseball)… but when my intended workout ends, I pack it in promptly for the sauna, hot tub or shower.

Tree2012Instead, the movie sucked me in! I finished the 6.3 mi. bike tour, but wanted to see if Clint Eastwood would catch his serial killer in Blood Work … so I rode another 4.5 mi. bike route. Still no killer, so I got on the treadmill & walked another 3.2 mi. until the darn thing ended! My neck hurt from looking up at the TV. I have to say, my heart rate was unimpressive, too… but I did burn over 750 calories, so hey, whatever. I never understood how people could count something you can do while reading or looking at the TV as a “workout”. If you can do something else while exercising, you’re not working hard enough. But today, I can see how reading or watching TV might extend the time someone spends in motion when natural motivation flags.

What’s most appalling: I was finding Clint Eastwood kinda sexy. Since when did a 72-yr.-old man (his age in 2002, when this movie was filmed) start looking kinda sexy? It must have been the character role, the camera angle, make-up or lighting? Or I’m getting old enough to think older guys are hot? Yikes!


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7 Responses to “Day 2: Combatting Ho-Ho-Holiday Chub”

  1. abradypus Says:

    Must have been the lighting. Or possibly the sweat getting into your eyes. You’re far too young to be eying up septuagenarians!

    • henniemavis Says:

      Well, as of last week, I’m on the 50-side of my 40s, you know. It might be fun to partner with a man who could say “Who’s your Daddy?” & be a real possibility! ;-)

  2. Mary Stebbins Taitt Says:

    YAY! WTG! Keep up the good work. Love your chicken topper!!! I’d click like but I can’t get signed in on wordpress for some reason–common problem! I’m exercising EVERY DAY too! but not blogging about it. Wedding the day after tomorrow (E’s)

    • henniemavis Says:

      Exercising daily isn’t the difficult part for me. It’s the daily blogging that’s killer — cuz you know I’m not good at brevity when my mind is swirling with thoughts & feelings! Enjoy E’s wedding, travel safely :-)

  3. runorgocrazy Says:

    Might have to watch that film to see……

  4. Mike of FtDS Says:

    Technically, you’re a new year’s resolutioner, too. But once all of the non-Janathon New Year’s resolutioners drop off (which you won’t do of course), then, THEN the gym will be a much more peaceful place.

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