Day 1: Gimpy But Not Wimpy

NightSplintBootHappy New Year & good luck, fellow Janathoners! Oh goodness, I signed up again. Thirty days of voluntary bodily & bloggy punishment, though I haven’t declared a specific goal yet. All I know is I’m due for a workout upgrade. Sadly, this January won’t be committed to running, as my Janathon 2012 was. I am still suffering from chronic plantar fasciitis. It’s been a year of various treatments — stretches, icing, massaging, custom orthotics, a cortisone injection (ouch!) — and finally, my latest treatment shown here: a lovely sleeping boot! Yes, it’s as comfy as it looks. This was a “test boot” borrowed from a friend, to see if I could actually sleep in one. I could (eventually), so I now own a sexy black plastic & foam model of my very own! But hey, enough about my stupid foot. I can still choose biking, hiking, swimming, yoga or the occasional jog. I just have to refrain from any intensive running. I’ll save whining about foot pain for mid- to late-month Janathon reports, when that topic is much more fashionable :-)

Since I’ve yet to concoct a theme, I started with a 4 mi. outdoor “power walk”. That may sound like a weak effort, but let the record show a.) it was 23°F (-5°C) so a brisk pace was required for warmth, & b.) I’ve just had an exhausting weekend of daily snowshoeing with a visiting friend (3 days of outdoor exercise & fun, but not enough rest). We had our first winter storm on Dec. 27th. Received a foot of snowfall, upon which another 4 inches fell the next night. Though I really enjoy snowshoeing, I didn’t feel like gearing up, so I donned cleated sneakers instead & stuck to the snowpacked roads for a quickie. Out ‘n’ back in 1 hr. 20 min., Day 1 done!


Photo credit: C.J. Morgan, my snowshoeing companion du jour


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15 Responses to “Day 1: Gimpy But Not Wimpy”

  1. travellinghopefully Says:

    Wonky foot or not, it’s wonderful to have you back on board!

  2. notmuchofarunner Says:

    Oh, that looks amazing. The scenery… Not the boot…although that does look amazing to too!

    Themes are always hard. I have gone with ‘random nonsense’ for the last few years and I don’t think I’m imaginative enough to come up with a new one

  3. taryn Says:

    Ouch! That sounds like quite a year of foot pain – hope it heals this year. I’m super impressed that you went out in the snowy conditions for a power walk!

  4. abradypus Says:

    Yay! You’re back :)
    Boo! Your heel is still sore :'(

  5. Lesley Boniface (lilbeeloo67) Says:

    Sorry to hear you’re foot’s still bad but so glad you’re still signed up for Janathon. That snow picture looks amazing, if only we had ‘proper’ snow here not the horrid slushy stuff we get in England! Good luck with the rest of Janathon x

  6. catslondonmarathon Says:

    Have you heard of The Strassburg sock? See here :
    It’s supposed to be great for PF and Achilles Tendinopathy and more comfy than a boot for wearing in bed.
    I considered getting one for my left Achilles problem, but with more swimming and less running, it seems to have fixed itself. Thank goodness.
    Good luck with not running Janathon. I’ll keep checking back to see what you’re up to instead. :-)

  7. fortnightflo Says:

    Hate to break it to you – there are 31 days in January ;-)

  8. archiehartwright Says:

    My first Janathon and I am going to have to do it without you!

  9. Mary Stebbins Taitt Says:

    YAY for your UNwimpyness, gimp! Keep up the good work, WTG!!!

  10. henniemavis Says:

    Hi, everybody! It’s great to see some familiar supporters again (dare I say, friends!)… & some new faces, too :-)

    @notmuchofarunner: Me thinks without “random nonsense” this everyday-fitness-challenge thing would get very boring very quickly.

    @fortnightflo: By God, you’re right! I could have failed on the last day, had you not spoken out! Nice save! ;-)

  11. Mike of FtDS Says:

    Posting a picture of your flattering boot qualifies as whining. Nice day 1 contribution.

  12. runningthomas Says:

    As a fellow foot pain sufferer I wish you all the best. That boot is awesome. I’d just wear two of those all the time and if anyone raised an eyebrow just look witheringly at them as if they’d missed an important fashion trend.

    I am also v. jealous that you have a snow effect on your blog. Mainly because it’s quite cool, but partially because I thought either my monitor or my eyes were suffering a malfunction.

  13. Claire Maxim Says:

    Love the boot, I’ve got one too, but mine’s to wear when I walk, not when I sleep – so spent much time working out how long I can tolerate it for!
    Love the snow, none down here (yet???)

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