A Special Juneathon Thanks to Jogblog


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OK, Jogblog: here’s proof that I am doing my press-ups in the pubs of Leeds so far! I posted this as a “slideshow” so I’ll appear to be doing endless reps in your honor :-) Thanks for the effort you put into June/Janathons each year. Love ’em, & love you for organizing them :-)


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7 Responses to “A Special Juneathon Thanks to Jogblog”

  1. mary taitt Says:

    ha ha ha what a riot! :-D

  2. jogblog Says:

    Ha ha, brilliant! ‘Pub Press-Ups’ are the new ‘Dressing Gown Dash’!

  3. archiehartwright Says:

    Excellent style. Glad you are starting up north.

  4. Love gifts | abradypus Says:

    […] can’t promise that tomorrow will be any more exciting, but on Saturday, I’ll be meeting Hennie Mavis and running rampant at Swindon parkrun.  […]

  5. runorgocrazy Says:


  6. Ken Chester Says:

    I hope you broke a sweat doing your bar push ups, so you were in need of a cool down with a fine English Ale.

  7. jo(e) Says:

    Ha! I love this.

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