Juneathon Days 9 & 10: Cutting Corners & Flowers

I think the rules state I have to log & blog within 24 hrs. of my exercise, so although I was too tired last night to post when we got home late from our friends’ lake house, I’m still legit. My June 9 exercise was complete just before dinner last evening. Today’s exercise was complete before lunch. Thus I’m posting a twofer that still maintains my Juneathoner integrity :-)

Saturday: a 13 mi. bikeride as my evening transportation to Skatutakee Lake in Harrisville, NH. We were invited to a cookout there, so I left home @ 5:25pm to arrive by 6:30pm. Ken planned to leave an hour later in the Jeep, so I’d have a car ride home later. I was 7 min. late (he was 15 min. late). I’ve done this ride before, but never had to be to Harrisville by a certain time, so I was guessing how long it would take me. I always forget how hard the forever-uphill segment on Bailey Brook Rd./Old Stoddard Rd. is: 700 ft. elevation gain in just under 2 miles!  It’s a dirt road & you’re basically biking up a mountain, so it’s hard work… but oh yes, the 2 mi. downhill on the flip side is so worth it. My top speed going up is 5mph, but going down is 34 mph. If a deer had leapt out in my path, we’d both be dead… yet who can resist a screamin’ downhill joyride like that?

Sunday: 3 mi. walk with Jaime in town @9am. Over & done, which is good, because I will be working the rest of today. Still very behind & vacation starts next week. Eeek. The week before a vacation is always so stressful. I sometimes think it’s hardly worth the trade off.

Stupidly, I didn’t take any pics of my ride yesterday. I was pressed for time as I’d been gardening & then suddenly realized I’d better get my bike out & get going! Even with some attention, my gardens are still a mess. But my blooming peonies comfort me. I have 3 kinds: white, pink & magenta. The whites are my favorite (the most fragrant) but have already gone by. The pink & magenta budded & bloomed this week. Less fragrant, but so beautiful in color!


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8 Responses to “Juneathon Days 9 & 10: Cutting Corners & Flowers”

  1. psychojog365 Says:

    Peonies are my fav. I have a pot with some in they are yet to flower over here :0)
    Well done on juggling it all.

  2. psychojog365 Says:

    Peonies are my favourite! Well done on your exercise.

  3. Kim Waller Says:

    That mountain sounds tough :) Lovely peonies….I have a red one :)

  4. Lesley Boniface Says:

    I have a vision of you coming down that mountain with feet of the pedals – sounds fun. Well done on using the cycling to a social instead of driving x

  5. Running Dan Says:

    Great idea on the cycle out and car ride home

  6. Lupo Grigio Says:

    WOW! Those peonies are gorgeous! You’re rocking!

  7. Day 21-Juneathon photo competition | shazruns Says:

    […] Best flower pic henniemavis […]

  8. notmuchofarunner Says:

    I thought everyone was just copying a typo of ponies… And I couldn’t see any ponies anyway so I wondered what everyone was going on about… And then I thought…’do you actually scream when you go downhill?’ …which has nothing to do with ponies.

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