Juneathon Day 4: Will Orthotics Heal My Heel?

Picked up my new orthotics today. For the money I paid, they’d better work. From what the foot doctor said, it will take some time to reverse my damage. I’m trying to be patient, but I’m not good at it. For my daily Juneathon effort, I went for a 3 mi. walk when I got home, with the new orthotics in my sneakers. I walked at a no-nonsense pace, but not breakneck. My feet definitely felt well supported in my shoes, so over time, that’s supposed to keep my arches from rolling inward, thus curing my pronation & allowing the plantar fasciitis to eventually heal. Then, my heel pain will be gone! That’s what I’m told. I want to believe. But mostly, I want to see/feel results very soon! Fingers crossed.

Since pics of feet, running shoes & sport gear are overused on exercise blogposts, I’ll throw in something more interesting: a large moth. This is its underside, as it clings to the window screen. I put my fingers in the photo, so you can see its relative size. I’d been working nights a lot in May. The office light attracts moths. Junebugs, too. The larger insects often startle me suddenly, as the night is very quiet until something large slams into the window!

In other news, I’ve given more thought to a plan for the month. I may end up doing a half-Juneathon. (Hey, they have half-marathons, so why not a half-Juneathon?) The reason is that I may be unable to blog daily while in England. I don’t have a cell phone that’s usable there. Something about the cell signal technology there vs. ours here in the US. I’m told my phone isn’t able to be outfitted for overseas use. I can get a “cellphone rental” which will work in the UK, but it’s a regular phone for calls & texting (not a SmartPhone), so getting online to blog is either not possible or prohibitively expensive.

I’ll have my laptop with me, but I hear that free Internet service is uncommon & when I’m in the rural countryside (Cotswolds, etc.), I expect getting reliable signal at all might be an issue? Not sure. Frankly, I could be so enamoured with being on vacation that the last thing I’ll want to be is online :-)

Only 10 days til I fly across the pond, I can hardly wait! It will be so fun to go from Manchester, NH to Manchester, UK. Even with my foot in a bad way, I plan do have a run or two. I can’t bear the thought of going during Juneathon & not going for a run.

Gosh, I hope my foot doctor isn’t reading this :-)


6 Responses to “Juneathon Day 4: Will Orthotics Heal My Heel?”

  1. Shaz Says:

    You might find free wifi more prevalent than you think sorry if this scuppers your half plans. We would love to read about your time this side of the pond and I eagerly await your review of a bakewell tart.

  2. Lesley Boniface Says:

    I think half a juneathon will be fine, not sure how much running I’ll be doing once we get to halfway, everything’s starting to hurt!

  3. Helen Says:

    Half a Juneathon is perfectly respectable, but I don’t think you’ll have an issue with wifi – most coffee outlets have free wifi now! Whereabouts are you going to be? Exciting stuff, a friend of mine from the internet world came over from the states for three months last year and loved it! I miss her now though.

  4. psychojog365jo365 Says:

    Oh new orthotics, very exciting, I hope they work and how exciting for your trip, you must not forget to try real Jaffa Cakes, not supermarket own brand either!!

  5. Lupo Grigio Says:

    WOW! That’s quite the moth. Hope the orthotics help!!!!

  6. runorgocrazy Says:

    I really hope the orthotics help. I’ve suffered from Plantar fasciitis and so I know how annoying it can be. It will get better and you’ll be out running again really soon. Meanwhile I’m loving your blog and your wonderful comments. Hope you do have some wifi so we can hear about your trip over here.

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