Spring Things

Well, I’ve been all kinds of busy, but haven’t been online to report it. Here’s an update, mostly to remind myself I need to find better balance these days. If you read this, feel free to scold me about that. Also remind me to eat more eggs, as it’s spring & the hens are cranking out the goods. At an average rate of 7 per day, I have 5 dozen in the fridge as I type. One of my neighbors is buying them from me now & thank goodness for Easter. I made lots of pretty, hardboiled snacks! We’ve also been having vegetable quiches & sweet custards often.

Next, good news & bad news. Here’s the bad news: I’m on a running ban. It started March 30, as did my prescription Piroxicam. I’m not even allowed to walk fast. Nothing with a “heel strike.” All because my plantar fasciitis won’t let go.

I really want to start half marathon training this summer, but I’ve had some persistent & worsening heel pain since last fall. I finally bit the bullet & went to a foot specialist. He put me on meds & foot rest (NO running) for a month, gave me other instructions/exercises & suggested graphite orthotics, which will be expensive — but I really need my feet longterm. I’m to the point where I’ll do anything to get rid of it. Even not run (for a while). Even buy custom orthotics.

Here’s the good news: I’m allowed to do all the biking & swimming I want, since there’s no foot impact. The time I used to spend running has now been applied to my swimming effort. More time in the pool has netted me some extra attention from some of the lifeguards, too — in the form of free tips on improving my stroke! I am finally starting to feel more confident in my bid to maybe do a full triathlon someday :-)

In other news, my work is rocking the hours. Spring is trade show season for our giftware biz. I spent mid-February thru mid-March coming up with 2 new designs, updating sales materials, painting samples & being crazy busy. Then, the traveling. Went to a 4-day show in Portland (Maine) mid-March, came home for 2 weeks, then went off to White River (Vermont) for another 4-day show the first week of April. I’m still getting my bearings from all that. Getting supplies, putting orders in queue by ship date & chewing my cuticles, wondering how the heck I will get everything done by the due dates! Mother’s Day orders are particularly worrisome, as I have only 10 days left to get those shipped. (Please note that I’m unlikely to blog again until May, HA!)

Tho nervous about my deadlines now, the income is good for my UK vacation budget come June. Airfare’s been booked & accommodations are in process. Updated itinerary looks like this: Manchester to Leeds, York, Bath, the Cotswolds (including Chipping Campden & wherever else we wander?), then maybe Oxford & finally back to Manchester (airport). Whew! My next obstacle will be planning outfits for light travel. I might need to buy some versatile clothing &/or a piece of luggage with wheels. I know someone (who shall remain nameless, unless she reads this & outs herself) who traveled Ireland for 10 days on just 3 pairs of panties. Now that’s packing light, to ration one’s panties on a trip! I am amused. I’m picturing my sister & I driving about the UK in our rental car, the backseat strewn with clean-but-still-damp underthings, hoping they’ll dry before we reach our next destination? Hey, sis, fair warning: if that happens, I swear, I’m blogging it… so pack your best “knickers” for the photo op!


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7 Responses to “Spring Things”

  1. g2-64b7ff43a0015f8b17fcd238950f6808 Says:

    Ah, that sucks about the plantar fascitis.

  2. Shannon Says:

    Your sister is a wise and savvy packer. You should let her be your personal shopper so that you are properly and cutely outfitted for your trip.

  3. abradypus Says:

    If you will seriously try anything, you might want to check out chirunning, which is mid foot not heel strike and therefore arguably less prone to aggravate plantar fasciitis.

    • henniemavis Says:

      Ooo, I’ll look into it! My foot is still lame. I was hoping to be markedly better by now, but healing is so much slower than I expected :-(

  4. peggy fussell Says:

    Still waiting for the knickers pictures. I had plantar fascitis. It sucks. I hope yours is all better by now.

  5. Lupo Grigio Says:

    This is one of those posts where I tried to comment and couldn’t. Love the eggs! Hope you heel heals!

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