Running Away this Summer: I’m Going Across the Pond!

Woo hoo, I’m going to England! And here’s the unbelievably fun part: my trip, which is hinged upon a work conference my sister is attending in Leeds, will fall during Juneathon 2012! How fitting is that? My mind is already galloping away with fitness-related recreational ideas! I can perhaps run the 5K ParkRun route @ Leeds Hyde Park, in honor of abradypus‘s passion for ParkRuns! And I can maybe find part of the canal to run, in honor of TravellingHopefully! I’m also thinking of some non-fitness related things… like how I will think of psychojog as I eagerly chomp on any teacakes I’m offered, HA! How will I know good cakes without her guidance? I think ReliablePlodder said he works in Leeds? Perhaps he will break from work to lunch w/me, for my first ever “fish finger salad creme sandwich?” HA! Anyone around Leeds who is interested in racking up some Juneathon miles together, speak up. How fun it would be to meet some of my British Jan/Juneathon runner counterparts, instead of merely blogging or Tweeting each other! Perhaps that will happen. As my sister & I decide on an itinerary — besides Leeds, which is already a guaranteed 3 days — I’ll post online about it. If I can find any ‘Athoners to join me for a run, a pint, or both, well, that would make us both an interesting Juneathon blogpost, eh? Warning: I’m a hugger :-)

I’ve just sent off for my passport renewal (wouldn’t you know, the lousy thing expired in August 2010, of course) & I found a credit card with a zero-% currency-exchange fee. There’s so much to do. Juneathon blogging from England may be a problem, however, depending on where we go… not sure I will be able to find high-speed Internet service in rural Wales, for example? I am hoping to at least have texting capability thru my cell phone (I do NOT have an iPhone or a Smart phone of any brand). Unlike here in the US, where it is easy to find free public-access Internet in urban areas (hotels, restaurants, public libraries — many have free service), I hear in Great Britain, it’s mostly not free? Is this true? Again, any who’d care to offer advice on this… or sites to see, etiquette & language, must-eat foods, etc. please do so! Suggestions are quite welcome.

My favorite thing currently is studying the map of England, Wales & Scotland. I thought of runtezza when I saw the English Channel. Thank God I won’t need to swim it! How fast can you say “shark food?” (Do they have sharks in the Channel?) And I thought of RunThomasRun when I saw Wales on the map. If we visit Wales, I’ve a mind to stop by an optometrist & try on some glasses for a photo op :-) Sadly, I won’t be going to London, where many ‘Athoners are. (No jogs with jogblog or “Running the Tube” w/BadWabbit, darnit.) My sister has been there & tho she loved it, does want to see other parts of the country this time… which is fine, as I fear I would be lost in a city so large! Bet it’s beautiful, tho.

Well, that’s enough daydreaming for today. Time to stop staring at maps of the UK & get back to work! Cuz I’ll need spending money for the trip, no doubt :-)


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14 Responses to “Running Away this Summer: I’m Going Across the Pond!”

  1. Lesley Boniface Says:

    Oh my how exciting sounds like you’ve already got most of it planned. If you head down to the south coast, and Brighton in particular, there’s a few more of us down this way and I would most definitely love to hook up with you. Look forward to hearing more details as you make plans.

    • henniemavis Says:

      Fingers crossed then, yay! I will absolutely post my travel plans as they take shape. My sister is not a runner, so of course, she doesn’t necessarily want to arrange our vacay around my cyberpals… can’t imagine why not, HA! But that said, I am hoping my locations & free time will correspond with some of you :-)

      My Twitterfeed is a bit crazy, as word gets out. A modern version of excited penpals, aren’t we all?

  2. jo(e) Says:

    Oh, you are going to have such a great time!

  3. peggy fussell Says:

    Very exciting!! Can’t wait to hear all about it! You’ll need that passport to visit Canada too, you know.

  4. Bad Wabbit Says:

    Thanks for remembering me, I hope you enjoy your visit to the UK. Have been a bit quiet of late, but I do read all your blogs. With love

    • henniemavis Says:

      I will enjoy it for sure, thanks to thinking of all you Brit running pals! Yes, I read you too… & saw you’d been quiet. Much love to you also. Love makes everything better :-)

  5. Shannon Says:

    Did you mention WHY your sister is not a runner? Because she enjoys European cheese and sticky toffee pudding a little too much. But she has climbed the stairs to the top of The Minster in York and St. Paul’s Cathedral in London without dying. Barely.

  6. meg Says:

    Ooo, this news is JOLLY GOOD! I love England, it’s SOOO green. I’ve missed you HENNIE DEAR, I think about you often. I’m a big fan of pinterest and I think you should check it out! I have a whole board on chickens and ducks and spectacular coops that I can only dream of having…please visit pinterest and sign up. Sure, it’s another time-sucker but hey, it’s so fun!
    I’m sorry about your foot. I hope you’ll be out on the road again soon!

  7. abradypus Says:

    Thanks for your really sweet comment on my blog. I hope that being home again is allowing you to get all the internet fix you need. If you do manage to schedule in a parkrun while you’re over here, let me know and I’ll try to come too, though rumour has it there’ll be one starting in Michegan before long…

  8. Mary Stebbins Taitt Says:

    This sounds so wonderful!!!! I jumped through a hundred hoops of fire and maybe now I can comment from the iPad. I hope so. Can I stow away in your luggage?

  9. jogblog Says:

    Ooh, very exciting! Shame you’re not visiting the south but I hope you get to meet up with some of the ‘athoners up north!

    • henniemavis Says:

      I know, I wish I could come over & stay for a month, so I could go north & south! I do hope I get to meet some fellow ‘Athoners while there. Will make great blogging, if not great fitness, if it can happen :-)

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