Running Away for the Weekend: Getaway #2

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For the record, I’ve been running 3x weekly, riding miles of Expresso bike at the gym, strength training each Tues., water aerobics on Wed. & yoga on Thurs., so don’t think for a minute that I’ve slacked off just because Janathon ended. It’s true that I’ve been running less often, but I’m enjoying continued fitness diversity. With no immediate goals other than losing 20-25 lbs., I’m just having fun. I even learned the rowing machine this week, for something new. I have a blister on my right palm to prove it!

I’ve also been away again, for some playtime with my sister & my niece (brother’s daughter). I flew to North Carolina, where my sister lives. My husband stayed home & my sister’s husband made himself scarce, since we’d planned my visit as “girl time”. We then found out that my 11-yr.-old niece was on school break that same weekend, so my brother drove her up from Georgia, to stay alone with us Aunties! Due to distance, I so rarely see either my sister or my niece… so seeing both at once, with no one else around, was a marvelous treat! We were a fabulous threesome & had a high time watching movies (Kung Fu Panda 2), playing card games, eating way too many Girl Scout cookies & giving each other home-spa manicures & pedicures.

Most importantly, my sister gave me some much needed swimming lessons! I’m still excited about it & have been practicing in the gym pool since I got home. Her YWCA had a few full-length lanes in 4 ft. water, which was perfect for a beginner like me. When I got tired &/or inhaled water, I could simply stand to rest &/or cough it out. We started with buying a pair of goggles & teaching me how to “bob & breathe” (up, get air; down, slow bubbles out my nose… up-air-in, down-air-out). My sister was unimpressed when she discovered that despite goggles, I still screwed my eyes shut underwater from habit… & it took me awhile to realize dramatically puffed cheeks are completely unnecessary when filling my lungs with air.

All said, I’ve made tremendous progress, but swimming is still very hard work for me. I’m kinda surprised that I can run as I do (2-4 mi.) with relative ease & yet be completely winded after swimming barely 25m? Stroke effiency is a problem. Breathing synchronization, another problem. Hm, learning to swim reasonably well might be harder than I thought…

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2 Responses to “Running Away for the Weekend: Getaway #2”

  1. Shaz Says:

    Mmmm now there is something I miss from my living in North America days – girl guide cookies – yummy. Glad you had a nice girlie time there is nothing quite like it is there. X

  2. hjjc Says:

    Are you swimming to England?

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