Running Away for the Weekend: Getaway #1

I sometimes get a little down in winter. We haven’t had much snow, but we still have the diminished daylight & gray skies of winter. A change of scenery this time of year always does me a world of good. I feel readjusted by now, but have been so busy getting away, I haven’t had time to blog about it! Here’s a virtual tour of my Feb. 10-11-12 weekend. Maybe these pics will cheer you, too.

Three days, 2 nights at the Shaker Hill B&B. The hostess collects antique toys, including plush animals. The kangaroo shown above was my favorite, barely edging out a pair of tiger kittens. She also had a newly started jigsaw puzzle in the livingroom. I worked on it with morning coffee, then came back to it in the evenings. Puzzles can really draw me in!

We had booked this stay over a month ago, so we could attend Dartmouth College’s Winter Carnival. Ken read on a website that it was one of the 6 best winter carnivals in North America. Hmm. That may be true, but not this year, as there was no snow… so the Snow & Ice Sculpture contest I’d hoped to see was non-existent. A walking tour provided lovely views of the old university buildings, however. We saw lots of people iceskating on the campus pond. We had our skates in the car, but opted for a pad thai lunch & hitting the Hood Museum of Art instead. Double yum!

The next day, Ken wanted to visit the Woodstock Stove Company. He choose a new woodstove for the house. Then we went to the King Arthur baking store, where I bought ingredients to make good rye loaves. By afternoon, I was ready for some serious exercise. We geared up for a run along a lakeshore perimeter road nearby.

The road wraps around Mascoma Lake, mostly past summer camps. Nice views. We ran a random distance in one direction, then turned & ran back.

On our way out to dinner later, we measured it in the car: 4.5 miles! It’s the longest run I’ve had all year & I could have easily run farther, except we wanted time to shower before a dinner outing.

It’s amazing how running outdoors on a beautiful new route really rejuvenates my energy & motivation!

At dinner, I indulged in some educational beer tasting at Seven Barrel Brewery. They had many craft brews to choose from. A German-style Altbier (#2) was my winner for flavor that night, while Ken chose their R.I.P. stout (#3).

Both went very well with sweet potato fries. Glug, glug!

Tho the Dartmouth Winter Carnival turned out to be kinda lame, it was nice to have some away-from-home time to just relax & play the days by ear. It’s hard to sit around doing jigsaw puzzles at home, when there are chores to be done. At the inn, I made some good progress on the former & no progress on the latter :-)


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3 Responses to “Running Away for the Weekend: Getaway #1”

  1. runorgocrazy Says:

    Sometimes there is nothing better than a good break! Sounds like you had a lovely time.

  2. runtezza Says:

    Here’s to lovely new routes! Well done on that distance too, Great pictures.

  3. Andrea Says:

    A good break with a beer tasting!
    Hi you!

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