Janathon Day 29: Painting A Pretty Picture

This morning, I drove from our friends’ home in Stow to my inlaws home in Ashland, Massachusetts. My husband went there yesterday to help care for his parents. Tho he will stay until Tuesday night, I drove home to New Hampshire this evening, so I can work during the week. Janathon is ending just in time, as my work will soon start to get busy. I am feeling the strain, not in body but in mind. I will still run, but at least I won’t feel personal pressue to do so every day. I can limit my fitness effort to 3 or 4x a week.

Today, I ran 2.2 mi. through my inlaws neighborhood (see photo above). It was warm (44 °F) & sunny, a gorgeous day for a run. My husband even came with me, a first since our Thanksgiving Day race — but we weren’t racing this time, so he held back to stay with me. Our looped route included Pine Hill Rd. & Birch Hill Rd., tho we bypassed Blueberry Hill Rd. Do you see a trend? Hills, hills, hills. I ran up, I ran down. Then up again, & down. I pre-mapped my distance to exactly 2.2, since yesterday, I accidentally ran 2.8 mi. I like to keep my distance tally at half-mile increments. Compulsive, I know, but whatever.

While visiting friends & family, I get to see some of the paintings I’ve done over the years. I’m ashamed to say this lighthouse painting (at left), of Bass Harbor Light in Maine, was a gambling loss! My husband’s friend Scott & I used to play a lot of Yahtzee, to the point of making bets on the games. We don’t bet money, but instead, bet things or acts. Stuff like homemade coconut custard pies, which Scott likes to win from me. Or a shoveling-out of the chicken coop, which I like to win from him. I had once racked up a string of losses, my debt having mounted so high that Scott wanted to quit playing. I begged him not to stop til I’d had a chance to diminish my burden (I think I owed him at least 8 homemade entrees & desserts)! He agreed to play one last high-stakes game. He offered that if I won, he would allow that one win to erase all of my debt… but if he won, I would forfeit my lighthouse painting, which I had just gotten framed & hung in our house! I protested that as an unfairly expensive winning, but I was such a desperate gambling addict diehard fan of high-stakes Yahtzee that I took the bet.

You can guess what happened, since this painting now hangs in his guestroom. Scott was kind enough to reimburse me the cost of the framing, but he took the painting happily & without mercy, the little stinker. Flattering, yes, that he wanted an original painting of mine… but gosh, that was one of my best works! At least I can still visit it.

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3 Responses to “Janathon Day 29: Painting A Pretty Picture”

  1. shazruns Says:

    That is a beautiful painting. Well done with your janathon efforts maybe see you in June?!

  2. Lesley Boniface Says:

    What a lovely picture – we have a few original paintings that OH’s mum did so it must have been really difficult to let it go. Well done on your up and down run – I hate those.

  3. abradypus Says:

    It is a fine painting. I can quite see why he was prepared to forgo the desserts to win it.

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