Janathon Day 28: Good Mojo from the Universe

I was receiving all kinds of interesting messages today. Printed notes of encouragement, power & hope. My friend Nancy was eating cough drops, when we noticed the wrappers were covered with inspirational sayings. I’d never seen such a thing! For some reason, my cell phone would not focus on the wrapper (I hope the lens is not going bad? maybe it was a lighting problem?)… but some of the sayings were: Flex your “can do” muscle, Get back in the game, Don’t wait to get started, Fire up your engines. It was funny to think they are simply intended to cheer a person with a sore throat. I was feeling good just reading them & chuckling, so they must help?

Tho visiting Nancy & Scott in Massachusetts, I still managed my run. It was partly sunny & unseasonably warm (42 °F), making it very easy to put on my running gear & get outdoors. I tried to map a route of 2 mi. in advance (w/my laptop & MapMyRun), around their neighborhood… but once I went out (no laptop & I don’t have a SmartPhone), there were some “missing” road signs along the route I chose. I had to fumble along, backtracking a short distance once I realized I had missed a turn & then going a bit longer, to be sure I did a minimum 2 miles. When I returned to their house, I remapped my actual run via laptop: 2.8 miles! Had I known I was so close to 3, I’d have stayed out a bit longer.

Chinese food for dinner again, which I love, so I ate too much… but I got a great fortune in my cookie!


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2 Responses to “Janathon Day 28: Good Mojo from the Universe”

  1. Mary Stebbins Taitt Says:

    Yay for inspiring wrappers and fun fortunes and for running longer than you’d planned!

    I don’t know why I can leave comments some days and not others!!! I’m reading even when the comments won’t comment.

  2. Lesley Boniface Says:

    Firstly thanks for the lovely comments on my day 29 – sorry I’m a day behind on reading! I love that fortune cookie – 2012 is definitely going to be a great year for all!

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