Janathon Day 27: The Garlic Workout

I tried this a month ago. Now I do it about once a week! It works. It’s fun. It’s loud. It’s active. Everything a hyperactive child I could want in a cooking tip! If you cook with garlic, you have to try it. I’m absolutely counting it as part of my rigorous Janathon cross training :-)

In other news, I ran today. Yes, at the gym. 2.5 mi. on the treadmill. Did a few core exercises, then a short virtual course on the Expresso bike — a 3 mi. ride called “Lost Trail.” I’ve done that one before, but I needed a short ride today, as I was pressed for time. At least I beat my Ghost! There’s a Ghost Rider who appears on screen each time you ride a course you’ve already ridden. The Ghost Rider represents my best pace from a prior ride, so today’s ride is a new personal best on the “Lost Trail” course! Looks like my Ghost will get harder & harder to beat :-)

I’m in a bit of a pinch this weekend. Overbooked with social plans & will be with other people a lot on Saturday & Sunday. I will have to excuse myself from a group at some point on both days, to go for a run… but they will understand. Saturday, I will be cutting out on friends briefly. Sunday, I’ll be ditching family members for a short time. They all know how compulsive I get over fitness challenges. Not to worry. I’ll get my runs in. I’m just thankful that the weather forecast is agreeable (partly sunny, with no snow or rain). A real blessing, since I will have to do quick outdoor runs both days.


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4 Responses to “Janathon Day 27: The Garlic Workout”

  1. Travelling Hopefully Says:

    It’s good to have understanding friends and family who don’t think (or don’t care) that you’re completely bonkers.

  2. runtezza Says:

    I get my garlic from a squeezy tube — less active, admittedly, but soo convenient! Well done on your determination to run that approx 2.5 miles!

  3. hjjc Says:

    I can’t wait to cook with garlic and try this trick. I really hope it works because I can’t stand the garlic smell on my hands for days afterwards. Any tips on how to get onions to chop themselves? ;->

  4. Lesley Boniface Says:

    Well done on your run – that garlic workout looks great must try it sometime! I think the Janathon thing is wearing a bit thin with my other half & my daughter thinks I’m taking it all to seriously!

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