Janathon Day 26: The Moods of Time, Evening

That’s the name of this sculpture (1938) by American sculptor, Paul Manship. I saw it at the Detroit Institute of Arts a few months ago & liked it very much. I often think of it when I’m sleepy. Like now. Aren’t the owls divine? The way the figure is afloat in the air, lifting up as her bedclothes unwind? I have to say, that “cloud” beneath her is the weak link in this work. In the artist’s defense, however, something tells me it may be quite impossible to create a convincing cloud made of bronze. Nevertheless, this sculpture comforts me. It makes me want sleeping & dreaming. I cannot wait to go to bed again tonight!

Milestone today: it was the unitard‘s debut in the gym’s pool area, HA! That’s right, I wore it for a test run — literally, as I wore it under my shorts & t-shirt for my 2 mi. treadmill trot beforehand. Then, after my obligatory Janathon run, I peeled down, rinsed & shower-gelled politely by the pool & got in the water. No one was there, save one older gent, who was kind enough to point out features & equipment there for use in water exercise… but oh, my favorite were the jets!

The shallow end of the pool is a bench with water jets, just like a jacuzzi. Have I mentioned I love my gym? Because it’s hospital affliated, they don’t have a full length pool, but instead, they have 2 smaller therapy pools. From what I remember so far, one pool has warmer water than the other & patients come there for physical therapy in the water during daytime hours. At night, there’s no one in it, so I can swim back & forth freely… or simply sit in front of the jets. I did a little of each tonight, as I only had 20 min. between my run & the start of my Vinyasa yoga class.

After running, a little swimming/soaking & that hour of yoga, I spent 15 min. in the sauna, showered & came home. I can already see that the pool might trump the Expresso bikes. There is so much to do at this gym, I can never seem to do everything while I’m there… but I sure wanna try :-)


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4 Responses to “Janathon Day 26: The Moods of Time, Evening”

  1. Travelling Hopefully Says:

    I am very very jealous of your gym, it sounds wonderful.

  2. Lesley Boniface Says:

    What a lovely sculpture – I’m glad you mentioned that it was a cloud because I have been sitting here trying to work out what it could be – oh stupid me of course it is! Sounds like you had a lovely time at the gym – those water jets must have been very soothing – think I need something like that.

  3. Ballookey Klugeypop (@ballookey) Says:

    I love that sculpture – thanks for posting it. I love reading you daily exercise updates. I’m usually reading them right after I’ve gotten home from the gym and you’re very inspirational. :)

  4. abradypus Says:

    Face masks be gone, I take it. Deserted pool sounds perfect.

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